Session #5(August 11, 2012)

This week was a semi-revenge against my power dying last week, so I did a single run of the Castle share map(nightmare) using the same equip as usual, lv70 castle share spear, lv70 castle share ring(ice), lv50-2 sealed bow, 2 pieces of the lv20 elven light armor set, with the 3rd being the lv50 sealed light armor set. The bosses are all jerks though, except smaug, hes easy mode, and stuff.

Session #4(August 4, 2012)

This week was a test run of my new bow vs Nebiroth on the snow share guild map on normal, the bow in question is the lv30 rare sand share bow with 65% anti-majin and SDIC30 with the castle share crest on it, besides that I used my 49 fire share spear, 50 snow share lightning element ring, 2 of my lv20 light armor pieces as well as my lv50 sealed light armor piece. After that I started a castle share run(hard) using the same armor but with my lv50-2 sealed bow, lv70 castle share spear, and lv70 castle share ice ring. Though I ended up losing power so stream and recording died on me :<

Session #3(July 28, 2012)

This week I did a run on Hellrider(nightmare) to get a horn I needed for a bow, using the lv9 heavy armor sand share set with a lv15 blessed ring, lv25 sealed katana, and lv15 sealed katana with my samurai class, since it was around the same level as the map. After that I attempted a run of the Nebiroth snow share quest(nightmare) using the lv49 fire share spear, lv48 fire share bow, a lightning lv50 snow share ring, 2 pieces of the lv20 elven light armor set and a piece of the lv50 sealed share light armor for 5th charge on all weapons as merc, but it got cut short by 2 Cerberus, stupid overgrown puppies.

Session #2(July 21, 2012)

This time I started off with a Sverde run(on normal), this time with less dying, for the lv10 version I used the lv5 sealed heavy armor set as last time, though I used the lv15(with -11 on it) fire ring with lv5 sealed spear and bow. For the second section I stuck with the same armor, switched to the lv25 dark sealed ring with zenrei1, lv25 sealed spear, and used a lv15 sealed bow instead this time, worked out better~
After that I did Ushumgal(hard), as I needed some of his fangs for a bow, using Listy instead of my main character. For her I used the lv20 elven light armor set I made as well as my lv30 hope explosion ring with fire share crest on it as well as a new lv30 hope neutral ring I mad(also with fire share crest). That C5 on the explosion ring is great stuff.

Session #1(July 14, 2012)

This one was a run of Davize(normal), Ladon(nightmare), and Sverde(normal)
for Davize I used the lv20 share set of Elven light armor, with a single piece of the lv50 sealed light armor, lv50 lightning wisdom ring, lv49 fire share spear, and lv50 sealed bow. Ladon was the full set of Elven light armor, lv15 blessed ring, lv17 unique spear, and lv19 sand share spear. For the Sverde run, in the first section I used a full set of the lv5 sealed heavy armor, lv5 dark sealed ring with zenrei1, lv5 sealed spear, and lv5 sealed bow. For the second section I was using the same armor, a lv25 dark sealed ring with zenrei1, the lv25 sealed spear, and the lv25 sealed longsword….though I died, stupid rock biter.