Icon_Sasha.jpg Sasha

1st CLC 20
2nd CRD 41
3rd SNT 76
4th PLD 11
Common Skill Configuration
Lv1 Keen Spell I (Memoria)
Lv2 Fatal Shock I (Memoria)
Oscillate Bash (フリストレイピア)
Lv3 Heal II
Lv4 Amplify INT/CON I
Lv5 Ressurection I
(Healing Circle I on 2nd Set)
Still raising her, due to her having high Magic-Related Stats, i decided i'll go the Spellcaster route but also wanted to have some Heals for when i'm derping around on the Stage or playing with Japanese.
So basically i need only to rely on my Ring's damage and can stick with basically any good weapon i want, as long as i can get an Enchant on it or have it innate Element.
In the light of that i wanted her to be able to play with Rapiers as good as she would with Rings.

That is why i decided to go CLC -> CRD -> SNT -> PLD (EX is unclear yet, maybe DRG lol :D?)
Optimal playcase would be SNT as it has 4/4 Rapier/Ring, with Sealed LV10 Gloves i get +1 to Rings and Castle Cloth Set needs only 2 pieces to give me +1 to Weapons, so i can get 5/5 which is very good.
Ofcourse rather inconvenient if i wanna play a 6th Charge, but i don't plan to so i have no worries.

The decision whether i wanna do CRD or WLK was, hard, for me. CRD pays off with Buffs, WLK with Debuffs AND Word of Curse. The ultimate choice i met, that made me go for CRD was actually me wanting to play with my Rapiers as soon as possible and because Gavodir already has WLK Route Sasha, i thought my CRD would complement that just fine.

Going for SNT was a no-brainer, Rapier/Ring both at 5, also i can get Ressurection, which is a free bail-out card for when i'm derping around with Gavodir.

PLD is still rather unclear choice, but i made a Mace for that already so i most likely will play PLD then. Although Sage is very good choice too, Invert Shock and Finishers are very nice to have.


The First Rapier i made for my SNT.
A fairly good choice, starting LV5 very convenient as it is Lightning Element and works fairly well against Garm and Behemoth.
C5 is not only a Guard-Breaking attack, it also has rather good range and very good damage.
C4 is convenient 19-Hit Combo, and C3 had to be replaced with Lightning Stab for the Rapier to actually gain the Lightning Element and also i hate Injection.
C2 is a Jump-Lift that has a 15hit Aerial Attack, which is very good.
C1 is a decent poke, backdown-lift and Anti-Beastman effect, not much to complain, one can use it :l
All in all this is a VERY EXPENSIVE WEAPON, mainly because you need to dump ALOT and i mean ALOT of Dark Matters/Downgrade Stones. (Yes i use Downgrade Stones, sometimes it is cheaper to buy 1 Downgrade Stone over 5 Dark Matters on market, you know.)

The Second Rapier i made, right after Hristo Rapier.
I needed something to complement the already existing Water/Windstriking Rapier, and Fire was just a nice addition.
Also i was curious on how the Temple Rapier C4 works, how strong it is and so on.
And it turned out just great. C4 is able to dish immense damage levels, it literaly obliterates Gryphon and the likes, it is very swift, you can play it the poke way, all in all, must have for a Rapierplaying Spellcaster.
Apart of C2, Laevatein shares no common skills with Hristo which makes it a nice Duo for Invert Shock/Deft Thrust Combos.
Not to mention C5 is just beast(man slaying) skill.
I was playing with the thought of sticking the ever-expensive Castle Crest on that, to get Sand Element, which would fully complement my Hristo being Lightning, but wise-man Gavodir said: "IF YU NO LEIK DETONATING STAB, YU NO LEIK GRITTY STAB EITHER". And so i shat on the idea of getting Gritty Stab.
This was the second-expensive Weapon for my Saint.

This is the most recent Rapier i finished. The main reason was to have Swift-Flash, and i had the choice of either getting a Sealed-Share Rapier and downgrading it to LV5, or finding a non-Sealed one and taking it.
I didn't pick any sealed-shares mainly because i don't like Transfixion, and of all remaining Rapiers that would be worth to crest, was actually only the Radiant Sword. So i went with that, but then i wasn't content of it having the Beastman C3, so once again i stood before the choice of Ice Stab or Gritty Stab (didn't want Lightning because i already had Hristo), in the end i went with Ice Stab and now it makes a nice addition to my Combo-Skillset.
This Rapier is probably technically the best one of all 3, it is Void-Element, which allows it to get Enchanted with any Element while still being Elemental Weapon, which is essential to any Weaponplaying Spellcaster.
Also it is capable of doing Light-Based Damage, and i tell you, no joke, Aerial Swift Flash does quite good damage.
And also it can deal Ice-Based Damage due to the Ice-Stab, and with that i cover alot of Elements.
This was the third-expensive Weapon for my Saint.

I made this a long time ago, but i took a notice of that only recently.
Totally forgetting that Battledores can be worn by any Class, this is a nice addition to my Combo-Skillset.
Calamity Edge is just rad and the Heart Impale is kinda good too, but i'm not really that fond of it, Laevatein's C4 does more damage IMO.
The problem i have with Heart Impale is not only the Damage, but rather the Motion it does and the Aerial Version.
The Motion is kind of unintuitive and takes alot of space inbetween your combos. It has no latent effect like some Skills do, which allows you to chain-up the combos better and it feels very stiff. Also i rarely found myself using it in Air.
Swing Gust, Aero Cross and Cyclone Leap are all my favourites, very versatile and especially Aero Cross very nice to use.
And yeah, this was the cheapest weapon for me to make. But i messed up with the stats i think, back then i preferred to have ICM 30% on all of my stuff over 20% All, well i'll remake it when i'll have more money to spend. All of mine goes down for Dark Matters/Downstones.