Archer Listy
Recently I received lightning and temple share from a friend who quit playing. I had gotten a little stumped on who to make Venera, since none of my characters seemed suited for it. However, after thinking of using the bow along with magic, and Water Spirit 2's long range techniques, it seemed like a really fun idea to put a bow in Listy's hands. She already has Chronomaster for her EX class, but you can acquire as many classes as you like. I'd rather raise multiple characters than everything in a single character's class tree, but since I love Listy so much I have two 4th classes and now two EX classes on her.

Comboing with the bow and magic in tandem has been quite interesting, and she's already reached level 49 on VEN. With her slow weapon charge rate, she can't put out enough arrows to combo at long ranges, but I can use Water Spirit 2's first attack to pull them towards me. Doing this I can pick up combos even at long range. I usually have Accurate Magic 3 activated so I can't use Smart Aim to automatically aim at my target since for some reason they cancel each other out. However Accurate Magic 3's finisher move pretty much kills everything for me. Most low class die from a random arrow skill + AM3, and stronger enemies I'll combo at close range, alternating bow and magic skills. After turning 40 I'm able to equip my armor with Mantra on it to allow me to use an additional magic charge. With this she's pretty much a mage with a bow. Hax.


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