Snow Dagger and Elementalist 90
Levelled Kuara's assassin to 60 and got ninja for her fourth class. Once I level that to 30 or so she'll have ofuda - long range combo finishers. Should also be interesting to play a character with katana 5 and magic 3. Though I haven't started on ninja yet, I've gone ahead and made a level 60 dagger for when i try to raise her ranger or assassin past 60. Level 70 I plan on making castle share's snow dagger and putting the level 4 crest onto it to put a combo finisher onto it's empty fourth charge slot. If I'm doing that much I might as well give it a special title too, though I'm not sure what. Making it zenshin might make it difficult to use on Kuara. Perhaps gauge recovery will be suitable. That way she'll be able to spam 5th charge more and if I use it on Listy's chronomaster, with 極意 on an armor she'll be able to spam the 4th charge for quick elimination of small fry.

Speaking of Listy I recently got her Elementalist to 90. More powerful spirits of the 4 basic elements are unlocked. These overwrite your 1st and 3rd class skill slots so their usage is a bit different from the other spirits. It's nice to be able to put a different skill on the 2nd slot, but having to put magic burst 3 on the fourth slot makes it rather difficult to put out. Time stop with 2 and then magic burst kinda works, even if it's a bit wasteful of MP. So far the most interesting spirit has been the water one. Both of its skills are light on MP cost, and the first one is a long range wave that pulls the enemy towards you. Perfect for pulling enemies away from other enemies without them noticing you, and can be used in other interesting ways as well. The second skill is a rapid fire water gun type attack that launches 18 or so water blobs at medium range. All of the new spirits' skills are quite useful, but I just can't put this one down.


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