Kuara and Sasha
Been playing my Kuara a little bit, after a long time of leaving her as-is because I didn't have any decent daggers. Breeze knife is hard to use due to not having a lift technique so it was rather troublesome. After checking for a bit I decided to sell some of the daggers that i'll never use and make an elder knife. After making a decent weapon I don't mind playing her again. It has a special first charge where you dash forward and slice. Turns out the dash actually has invulnerability so you can get in on enemies that might otherwise be difficult to approach. The dex-based 5th charge, mortal wound is a favorite of mine. Though I'm sure Matia players like it even more, I vastly prefer it to the star locus basic 5th charge. The 3rd charge is sky high, a skill I consider to be the cornerstone of dagger combos. All these together makes for a fun and easy to use weapon. If I can get her to 60 I'll get ninja for her fourth class. With the ninja's ofuda she'll finally have a combo finisher class skill.

In the second picture is Sasha. She's also been rather backburner but recently I got enough gold coins to trade for 王者の証. Using that I made the level 40 shield clothing which has mantra with a single piece. Mantra lets me use 1 higher ring charge, so even on cleric that only has magic 3 I can use fourth charges. As for the other 2 pieces of armor I settled on snow share's violet series. 2 violet pieces gives me weapon charge -3 frames and 5% atk/matk up. They're also level 40 so it seemed like the perfect match. They both also happen to be purple, and I feel that Princess Sasha looks a lot more like a princess with it. Purple was a royal color before it was a faggot color. Still haven't played with it yet, but I feel I'll be able to enjoy playing her now. Only 3 charges on weapon and ring is pretty lame to me. I always want to dish out 5 charges and make silly combos with multiple 5 charges. It should also come in handy when I raise her warlock, letting her use both staff and magic 5th charge. Although, thinking about it this is probably the only character I'll use it on unless I raise an enchanter, but I suppose equipment is always necessary in order to both enjoy the game and make progress.


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