Stereo Regia and Harpies and Stuff
The level 50 shield-only mission wasn't too hard if I used spears. I can use the long-range 2nd charge attack to get at him and combo from there. The first picture is a shot of Lindsey doing John Cena's "You Can't See Me"… or casting a spell. Feels good to demolish a boss you once lost horribly to, even if you have to rely on EX-Class weapons like the spear and bow. I can tell why they're restricted to level 70. If I could use spears from the start I wouldn't ever use anything else. Bows on the other hand are a bit unwieldy. It's not like enemies will line up to get shot and if you're being surrounded you may want to switch to another weapon fast. I'm raising Davis' Mercenary while mainly playing with bows, but aside from being rather fun toys you can get rid of enemies more efficiently with a spear.

On the subject of losing horribly, I found out the game has the 3 harpy sisters - Aero, Ocypete, Celaino, however you want to spell them. They keep on charming and doing annoying magic and when you combo them they'll cast divine realm or solid body or amplify all on themselves and it's just a lot of rape going on if you don't have something to poke them with. So I lost badly with Listy but took 2 of them out at least. Going back with Lindsey and using a long range katana skill everything went smoothly. Sometimes I think I raise multiple characters just to cover different types of fights. Listy is the glass cannon type where a mistake can become fatal if unlucky, but boasts high int+con, with lots of MP and the fastest magic charge in the game. Lindsey has high str+dex, taking a class route from thief to swordmaster. The fencer class recently got self-enchants so she fares quite well solo. Davis has high str+vit+men, just about the only character to have both top class vit and men. He's real tough, and even with horrible play in a pinch he tends to outlast the other players. This is why I thought to abandon Venera as his EX-Class and take mercenary. As tough as he is to take down, if he could use any weaponry I could basically use him to handle most any stage. For example Nebiroth/Davize/Salwa I would want the anti-majin sabre リディル I made. Not to mention having poor magic would be detrimental to a Venera, and I don't think he needs any more class skills. Attract Trick might let you do some weird combos but besides that I can't see any benefit. I wonder why I decided to do it in the first place.

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