Upgrading Kilke Ring
I've decided to +10 the neutral kilke ring, seeing as lightning share missions don't seem to need light/dark very often. Though I don't have lightning share at the moment most of its missions are 62 and 65. I think I'll probably be using it on castle share a lot, and as it has zenrei II I could probably make good use of it up to 90 if it was 70. As far as the immense resources required for raising it that high, I've started a little of the shield-only legend missions. I can take down the ice giant easily enough, but I'd like to try for the higher level ones as well. However I don't have suitable quipment for that, so I don't know. The level 50 shield-only mission has a really scary boss so I might just go for the 70 one… which would be a lot easier if I finish the kilke ring. Kind of like a catch 22 here, needing the finished product to get materials to make it. For now I'm just taking it one step at a time until it gets to +10.

Ran some Marshal Nebiroth, which is like a light element form of Nebiroth. Not too much different but he self destructs when you defeat him. If no one survives that you fail the mission. Got some gold coins and that was about it. I need to start collecting gold coins for the other share patches. Everybody runs the snow patch ones so I have plenty of those, but not even 20 for sand or fire. Ran some endless search and ended up filling up my stash so three of the things I sent to stash got sold. Nothing big but still kinda orz. Afterwards I created a few things to free up space. Made the Lv57 unique sabre 百煉刀 and a ring for smash on x1 with front down on x2. At the moment I'm running the ice giant stage again in hopes of finding the item to up shield equipment level by one so I don't have to buy it… probably won't happen.

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