Snake Spear and Making Use of it
Ran Maou Davize and Nebiroth, no rares. Both times someone got it at least, so I suppose there's hope. I still hate trying for rares so I try to do it when I have someone a suitable level. Levelled Lindsey's Dragoon to 50 and got to use the spear I made beforehand, 蛇矛. I actually put zenshin 2 on it before I even could see what it was like. I was detemined to use it because it had the character for snake. I like snakes. The defense ignoring 4th charge is awesome. Quite long reach, nice amount of hits, and I can dodge immediately after doing it, which I didn't realize at first because the time before I can cancel into another attack is quite long. After figuring this out I used it without reserve on boss types. Each time it made them go for me so it's definitely got some punch to it, or it could be the zenshin. Putting zenshin 2 on it gives it really slow charge speed, so I figured I need a suitable magic skill to keep my combo going before I can put out another spear attack. After checking the suitable 1st and 2nd charge skills for rings around level 50, I decided on a wind allure ring. 1st charge is gale lance for smash, letting me free up a class skill slot so I don't have to take dragoon's smash skill, and 2nd is flood, a simple water spray that I'll use in between spear moves to keep my combo up. However, I dind't have a suitable ring to upgrade from, so I had to make it from scratch. From a copper ring that would take 4 wind essence and 1 crystal. 1 crystal is all I had but I didn't have the essence. I considered running a stage to get wind crystals but on second thought that'd be boring, so I went for a fire ring instead. Fireball on first charge, and wind cutter on the second. Fireball would do the same thing flood would do, but it has a large hitbox so it feels easier to work with. Wind cutter is just a long range wimpy attack, but decent for luring enemies or bosses when you don't want to alert other enemies. Even so I feel it's just a 'for now' ring until I can make the wind one. Though, I feel cheap using these normal rings when it seems everyone I play with has wisdom ring or some fancy shield share ring… I shouldn't let it get to me. I'm in the process of making just that so it's all good. One step at a time, you know? I never let myself use money that much so I suppose making shield equipment is the right way to go. If Nebiroth ever feels like giving up a second one of those proofs I can make a wisdom ring, too. Or perhaps I can trade in my gold coins for another one but I want to put those towards shield refinement.


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