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I've been trying to make some equipment from the new shareware patches. I've made Aion Sabre+10 and Aion Bow+10 so far. There aren't any quests for the newest one yet, so it's pretty hard getting stuff for that. There is this really cute alraune though, and you fight her in this monochrome world that opens up a couple more levels. Still not sure about the best way to get gold coins but I'll try running those levels a couple times. She has a neat attack where she sets bombs around her and pulls you in. They're undodgeable like the ranger's assault bombs but easy enough to avoid. I do think this is the first enemy character with twintails though. Tomoshibi seems to really like twintails…

Second pic is my loli soldier. I've changed her hair now that I feel she is awesome enough to have awesome hair. This red color is amazing; the color and the hairstyle are acquired in special missions to get them. I should probably make a page for her soon but I haven't even made Sera's page yet… A true slacker.

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