Neutral Kilke Ring and Satanakia Easy Clear
Last night I was going to go to sleep but I kept looking at possible configurations for the Kilke Ring I can finally make. Castle share's 4th dark magic charge kind of piqued my interest. The Japanese wiki says it's a dark version of upper tornado, and that for a share skill it's disappointing. After making sense of the skill name because it wasn't immediately apparent, I recognized it was called raven roost. It's described as a dark ball of magic coming from the ground. Somehow this combined with the name got me kind of excited. Even if for all purposes it's the same as upper tornado, I LIKE upper tornado. It holds the enemy for quite some time so that you can do all sorts of mean stuff. Also nice for crowd control in a way. So looking at the "cheaper" option for castle share's 4th charge, the non-shield Oife Ring, I noticed it would have light's 5th charge. Not that it's bad, but I'd like something that I haven't been using since forever ago, plus I don't really want two cursor skills on the same ring. Too many of those and it's really unweildy. With Kilke Ring, though, it has a combined element 5th charge, and with neutral it's "Ruthless Saber". Raven roost and ruthless saber. Charges 1 and 3 are also neutral skills that I haven't used, and I got the opportunity to check out the 2nd light charge thanks to another shield ring and it seems like a pretty dependable lift skill. Front down on 1,3, and 5, lift on 2, and a (hopefully) badass dark tornado on 4. The combo potential seems pretty high, but if I'm doing this I'd need a good dark ring to start with. Checking out the market, a 全霊II INT+60% dark ring was there for the lowest price available (still pretty high as shield equipment level 55 has a minimum price of 27m or so). After mulling over it for an hour or so, I finally decided to go for it. If I want to use this dark skill this is the best ring that has it, and the other skills sounds good, too. Purchasing the base ring and the crystal required for refinement, and trading in 30 S'dalkan gold coins for the shield share crystal, I set up my first shield share equipment refinement. Over 50 hours left until it's done, but I'm wondering if I should raise it's level before taking it out. Once I do I can't upgrade it anymore so it's something I'll have to give some deep thought.

I tried to solo サタナキア on easy today. Got a picture of him this time, quite a formidable opponent. I put my theory into effect, jumping over lasers and failing on occasion. Once I got down to half health or so I wanted to heal, so I tried to do life spoil on him like I did in practice but I just ran into the lasers and took more damage. He kept clinging to the wall making it very difficult for me to attempt. I was low but he was just as low so I felt I still had a chance. However I tried to do life spoil again and although it hit him, I ended up on a laser and died. Once I saw my HP hit 0 I facepalmed in shame. Then I heard a recovery sound and quickly grabbed the controller again. Fully bewildered but analyzing the situation at once as to not take any more damage as I only had 500 health, I scooped up a couple of the other recovery balls from life spoil, putting me at 1500 or so. Realizing what happened, one of the balls had landed where I fell, healing me before I died. Mind blown by this miracle, I got my second wind and took full advantage of his openings, hitting him best I could. He fell, and even though I died and came back, I can now claim to have defeated him on easy mode by myself.

初シールドシェアのキルケーリング精錬行いました!闇からの無作る(全霊II INT+60%)。レベルあがるかな・・・70金かかりすぎだし65か62どうでしょう><;。 ナキアEソロぎりぎりできた。倒れた状態でも回復球拾えるのが助かった・・・奇跡だった。

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