An update changed around the special titles for gear greatly. If I had known the HP increasing one would be getting elemental resists I would have made my GLD gloves that instead of MP +350. They're not hard to make though I'll probably make a second pair eventually. However, these changes put special titles for weapons clearly above the all races 30% one you can do without fragments.

Damage balancing was also done greatly. I'm sure some people are crying about this and that not being OP anymore, but I wonder what's been buffed. Perhaps they've been homogenized to the point it doesn't matter too much. I notice offhand katana 2 doing less damage, but it was doing way too much damage for a second charge before. Finisher damage was also somewhat lowered but I'm not noticing anything that bothers me so far. One skill I found that got buffed possibly was Castle Share dark 4 - a dark element upper tornado skill. I remember it doing nearly no damage and maybe that's fine for a technique that can hold the enemy in the air for a lengthy bit, but it seemed kinda sad that it was a share skill and didn't pack a punch. It's not amazing now, but at least I can see that bar go down.

There's not as many people on the game, and it was never a popular game to begin with. Maybe the chronicle transition turned a lot of people off, with big changes here and there that are still going on. I think the game is a lot better than before, though. Basically I just left it alone for a long time to let things settle down. But you do that and then getting back on is not something you really think about. It was only by chance Rallasner invited me to play and I got on. Two weeks later I'm playing daily. I just wonder how long that'll last.

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