Playing Again
After a year or so of not playing this game I'm on it again lately. The new additions are really nice but the best change isn't even anything new. By far the best thing that got fixed in this game is that HTTP error you'd sometimes get that could result in your awesome stuff just vanishing. Sad that it took that long and it definitely deserves more than one line in a changelog. This is a problem that's plagued the game for so long and it's so nice to not have that fear while you're waiting for the server to respond.

There is a new AI feature that lets you take characters you have raised along on your missions. This contains a quite powerful behavior system in which you can determine how they behave. Generally you set requirements and actions for them to take when they are met, such as if there's an enemy within 10 meters approach to 4 meters distance and then do an attack. The second image shows me sitting around letting them do all the work. People that set up AI with huge AoE attacks are pretty common.

Shown in both pictures is my custom character. Since the ROLC beta, I wasn't sure if custom characters would be added to the ROLO side of things. I kinda thought everyone would make the same types of chars, and well they do I suppose. This char of mine is a desperate attack using KNT-GLD-BSK-SAM for maximum STR and VIT bonuses. Her name is Sera Sasoi and she is basically a replacement for Davis. She doesn't have the high HP that Davis does, instead focusing on offense. Now that we can make characters Maruru isn't the only loli around… But Sera is a big girl. I would've made her bigger had the game allowed, because lately I'm liking tall girls for some reason. I'm sure I'll make a loli mage soon enough, though. Actually I'll probably make a soldier custom char next so… If I want a third custom char I'll have to buy the new share.

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