Still No Update
So after 3 months of having the previous news post on Tomoshibi's website saying they'll release a big update soon… they finally post again saying it's taking longer than expected and to wait more…

Update Where?

Also Alraune is cute. Don't have any better screens to post for now, partly due to not playing very much.

So I've been raising a soldier character - Jidda. I'll try to flesh out his character page sometime. Soldier is pretty cool but I definitely wouldn't try it as a first character. Since the regular longsword skills are pretty crappy it's better to do them once you have the resources to make share sealed longswords and crap like that. I made sealed 10, 50, 70, and 80 level longswords so far. For a weapon I hated at first I sure did make a lot of these.

I've also been going about making just about every level 10 sealed weapon, just need sabre, katana, and rapier now. The staff, bow, mace, and dagger are pretty sweet. Not making the axe 'cause Sasha's Battledore is better. I've also made 4 level 10 sealed rings, only sand left but I don't think I'll be making that. Then there's the heavy armor I made one piece of so it seems like it's not that much of a stretch to actually make every piece of 10 sealed equipment. Still I'll try to hold back on the completionist urges and keep things reasonable. It is pretty cool to have decent low level weapons I can still use at higher levels, but the extent at which I can use them varies. The staff and bow have mATK based 4th charges so they're no problem even if I use them at 70+. Combined attacks can still do this but they suffer a little drop in damage. Depending on your character, though, the critical rate just may make up for that, so even if you have shit for ATK with a 50% crit rate you should be doing damage on par with a weapon at your level. Such was the goal, but I sometimes see a mere 20% due to lack of DEX I'm assuming.

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