Fuck yeah stuff!

I got the newest share patch finally, to which I will refer to as ruins share unless someone wants to correct me. For some reason it's rather laggy though, especially during a certain boss my framerate goes to shit. Even rolo wants me to get a new computer now.

Lindsey's main classes all hit 90 finally. That makes my second character with main route maxed. Sasha looks like she could be next. Why is it with this game that high level levelling is so easy yet low levels are bothersome. Not that I'm complaining, but getting over certain level range humps, namely 20 40 and 60, take a little effort. Yet it feels like once I get 70 it's only a matter of time until they're 90 because I can run castle and get more than one level per run.

I made the wizard-only armor for Sasha today, which provides a greater effect when using Desperate Magic. Seems like a pretty significant boost. Next I need to lower it to level 50 and I'm considering putting a special title on it, perhaps MP +400 or something. Speaking of Sasha I really need to finish writing her description and make some screenshots for her page. One can be the wizard robe I suppose.

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