The questing system has probably been my focus since it was implemented. I always do the dailies and a lot of days I just do them and get off. This has made it easier to make a lot of rare things I couldn't make before, but I haven't actually made that much. It does feel good to have a bunch of share coins that I can trade in for rare proofs at any time, though.

In February there was another rather big update - they added accessories and revamped the equipment menu. Now class skills are saved along with equipment palettes, and you can have a separate set of class skills for your two sets of weapons. This makes it possible to take up to 10 class skills. Skills that are used only once, for example can be assigned to your alternate set and free up slots to use other skills. Support characters especially benefit from this.

Accessories can provide benefits and change your appearance. Right now there are simple glasses and piercings that help attack or magic, but there are daily quests that can provide accessories. Nobody knows what will come out yet, but if you've been doing them daily then today you can turn in the quest for a reward.

I've been playing Sasha quite a bit and really like her. However only her first 3 classes are at a high level. I've yet to raise her SAG past 25 and was a bit lost on what EX class to give her. I feel like I'll pick up CRN for Abeyance, but I somehow don't want it to be her main. I tried doing DRG on her but magic 2 got really annoying, so I think I'll make her a MRC perhaps and just have CRN 30 for Abeyance when needed. Now that she's kinda flushed out as a character I'll go and rewrite her character page.

The second picture is my summoned spirit sticking himself to my bomb. Why does he do that? Nobody else seems to be able to see it, but I found it rather interesting. The first pic is a snake. A hot snake. Not completely unrelated since it's a temple share boss and I'm running it for the accessory quest. I have yet to get used to this game's gorilla hands. If you say hands are supposed to be as big as your face then I guess this game is for you. I'm just going to assume this world's people all evolved gigormous fists. They remind me of Higurashi's meat mittens.

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