More Events and a Spear
They added a fire share quest, for only one week. Like the previous sand/davize quests you can do it once a day for 3 gold coins. Since we know it's only for a limited time, I don't think it will impact the price of fire share proofs too much. Even if you did it every day there's only 21, at most 24 gold coins which is enough for a 君主の証. I kind of want the 30 gold coin one to make a shield share ring, マハ or アンドヴァラナウト. I'd probably make the level 70 one, but a lightning share ring proof is difficult. I hate running for rares, but I'm doing the mission every now and then because I want to make that shield share spear with the sixth charge. Would be nice of it to conveniently pop out.

While running the mission I accumulated enough coins to trade in for the 4-share weapon proof. This requires 20 or 30 gold coins from each of the four basic share patches. So with that, I finally started making the level 80 shield share spear, with +10 on it to put it at the current level max, 90. My first sixth charge weapon, going to try to take it to Sverde so I can finally have a level 90 weapon to use on the final stage.

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