Quest System and Rambling
Tomoshibi experimentally added a quest system to Rolo. These are pretty much dailies, in that you accept the quest, do the mission, get reward up to once a day. I think the issue here is that the rewards are too good. Giving 3 or 5 gold coins for doing the mission once when normally you may run the mission five times and get one. The way they are now removes any meaning for running the missions repeatedly unless you're really impatient or something. Needless to say prices for the proofs you can trade in these gold coins for have plumetted. While I do appreciate getting stuff this seems to just disrespect the rarity of things. In my opinion lowering the reward to one gold coin would still be pretty good and might not majorly break market prices like they have to sand share's 賢者の証. What used to be 70 million is now less than 30. Being able to get one every four to six days just pisses on the word "rare", and also on people's previous efforts, in a way.

It's been a really long time since I posted here, and I know myself I'm not cut out for blogging. I go between doing stuff and… not doing stuff. As stupidly simple as that sounds what I mean is that if I don't feel like it it's probably not getting done. As I'm working on a 2 picture per post thing, I just didn't have two pictures to post. Even now the pictures are completely unrelated, sadly. But whatever, I've been making a bunch of weapons as my characters level. Thanks to that I'm out of sun fragments and the other two needed to make the zenshin two title. Might just have to suck it up and buy some. Listy's Venera reached 70 so now she's using the castle bow, which is pretty awesome. Smash on C1, finisher on C3, and the castle share's 2nd charge has quite some holding power so even with Listy's slow weapon charge speed she can just fire that off repeatedly and have a combo. As uncreative as firing off C2 over and over is, a bow-only combo being possible with her is a first. I just need a better level 70 ring. My neutral kilke really doesn't lend itself to bows as it lacks range and holding power. While I'd like to make Andvaranaut… lightning and fire share's ring proofs is quite steep, not to mention I don't have a decent base ring to make it from in the first place. Doing another kilke+10 doesn't seem impossible either, but I'm not sure if it has what I'm looking for. If I could use fifth charge ice seems good but even with mantra on venera only uses up to level 4 magics. Explosion seems ideal but I have one at L60 and not too keen on making a second one. Not that it's bad but I'd rather make one I haven't before, and as I've made 3 the only ones left are lightning and ice, both of which have long range 5th charges…

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