Labyrinth and Castle Share
Ran スヴェルデ幻宮 a few times, met up with one of the guys I used to play with a lot when I was first getting serious. Found two of the stones to decrease shield equipment level and one of the ones to increase success rate 20%. Thinking I'm going to have to buy the stone required to do shield refinement, though. Well, finding a good item to do it with is the main problem. First two I'm considering is level 40 light armor for the mantra with just one piece, and kilke ring since I just got enough castle share gold coins to trade in for the item required for that. A guild guest invited me to do castle share, but I had just made a big bowl of ramen so I took an hour to eat that while watching anime. Watched an episode of Blood-C and R-15 then got back on. Went through castle share setting up to run all bosses and finish with Smaug, the dragon displayed above. However, my friend died against Nergal so we ended with Doun in hope for a 風鳥座の星玉 but it didn't come. Then a guild member and another of the guys I played with a lot way back came and we did all the bosses except for Nergal and completed with Smaug. Now there's 3 final bosses in the castle and depending on which you do the rate of gold coins and such can change. The hardest with the greatest drop rate of gold coins is incredibly tough to defeat: サタナキア, commonly said to be impossible to solo, a general strategy is for the one he is targetting to distance themself. We went for him on easy difficulty, defeating only a few bosses for the sake of increasing the mission reward. Rather quickly, my two friends fell down, leaving me alone without a solid plan. I took to casting marking spell on him, and doing Astro Strike from a distance. The damage was poor and I got hit by his targetted magic more often than I'd like to admit. From 50% or so health I got him down to less than 20% before finally failing. It felt like it could have worked but by then I had ran out of MP to cast regen and marking spell, since it kept becoming undone when he hit me with reversed controls and I would too far away from him. I was quite upset and my guildmate left afterwards, but I reluctantly went for another plain castle run, with just the two of us. Still quite irritated, my combos were halfhearted and I think we could've taken a better route about the castle, but I kept it to myself. After defeating Smaug, I received 2 S'dalkan gold coins, enough for the 30 required for the crystal to make the level 60 shield share ring. I will have to put consideration into what to make, or perhaps I'll just make another Oife Ring.

Afterwards, we practiced a little while against サタナキア, figuring out how to hit his weak point and then how to fight him better. Against Nergal and Mictlantecuhtli, their lower half is a sort of spinny top looking thing, while they sit atop it. When they fire lasers from their hands they descend and you can deal decent damage to them, as their upper body is ground level. I came to accept this as the basic method of fighting their types, and サタナキア does a similar attack. A major difference here, though, is that he fires 4 lasers while rotating, compared to the others' 2, making it extremely difficult to attack him in this attack. Additionally he doesn't do it for very long, making the opportunity that much harder to take advantage of. However, the lasers are smaller and close to the ground. This gave me an idea to abandon charged attacks from the ground while positioning myself inside the tight spaces between the lasers, and instead hit him with aerial normal attacks while jumping over the laser. It was rather amusing attempting this, but I soon thought it to be the most reasonable way to hit him during this attack. He seems to do deadly circle afterwards if people are that close, though, so I can't be caught jumping when he comes out of the attack. Two jumps with attacking is all I can get in, then I've gotta watch out for his next attack. If he does the lasers again I'm already in a good position to handle it. Tomorrow I may try to solo him. Challenges like these get my blood going. I've learned time and time again that coming prepared will make bosses a lot easier. Some you may want to create something specifically intented to combat them. But no matter what gear you have, if you don't know how to space yourself and handle the enemy, failures will outweigh the successes. I feel that I've learned a big hint on how to fight him, so I'll definitely be going back for revenge.


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