Icon_Listy.jpg Listy

1st MAG 90
2nd SOR 90
3rd ELM 90
4th SPM 90
NIN 20
VEN 84
Common Skill Configuration
Lv1 Water Spirit II
Lv2 Abeyance I
Keen Spell I
Aimed Break I
Lv3 Earth Spirit II
Lv4 Magic Burst III
Lv5 Accurate Magic II~V
Before I had purchased share, I wanted to try a mage, but the selection among free characters is non-existant. There's an old guy with slow magic charge speed, making him next to useless. The other choice is making one of the novice characters into a mage. I tried the old guy for a while, and gave up on him after dying one too many times. After browsing the character list, I decided I wanted either Listy or Sasha. Top-class magic charge speed was a must, but I chose the "glass cannon" character and purchased snow share specifically for her. You'd think after quitting a character from dying too much that I'd give more consideration to HP and defence.

Playing this character was amazing. There was a group I often played together with and I was the strongest one there. Listy's high CON gave her about a 40% critical rate, and I could finish up bosses just by hitting them in the face with Magic Burst a few times. Low health and defence just meant I had to make up for it with player skill. The snow share class Elementalist was also something I wanted. Boosting her magic damage while providing unique mp-consuming attacks was a lot more attractive to me than the Wizard class. For a good while I only had snow share and played Listy exclusively. Her combos tended to be completely magic, with a staff she just holds onto for decoration. Recently that's changing a bit, as I'm using more powerful rings that slow your magic charge rate. Not being able to put out magic one after the other, I find myself needing a weapon that can keep my combo alive, swapping between weapon and magic skills. Sadly, the staves that do this well were a bit hard to make.

Water Spirit II provides long-range attacks, one of them will actually pull the enemy towards you and does quite a bit of damage while consuming minimal MP. Abeyance will freeze time for an enemy, allowing the party to attack unhindered for a few seconds. Alternatively I may use Keen Spell III, which will hit downed enemies. I only use this if it's a map we have to combo a lot of enemies. Earth Spirit II has a shield that will take a certain amount of damage for the player. Magic Burst is a mainstay combo finisher, and never ceases to surprise me with its damage output. It's #1 on my list of "cheat techniques". This isn't an attack; this is a move that hacks the game, reducing the affected enemies' HP to zero. Accurate Magic recently got a big change. Now it will overwrite the corresponding ring skill with an attack that automatically hits the weakpoint of any enemies it hits. This is especially useful if your ring doesn't have a skill in that slot, or has a skill that always seems to mess up your combos.

I feel with the classes she has now, there's no limit to the interesting things she can do. I got VEN and it's pretty neat using a bow with magic. She mainly alternates the bow and magic attacks to combo. If I use Water Spirit II I can pull enemies in after hitting them with a bow from long distance and combo that way. Now that her main classes are all at max level I suppose I'll have to raise other characters, at least until the level cap gets raised.