Icon_Lindsey.jpg Lindsey

1st THF 90
2nd FNC 90
3rd BSK 90
4th SDM 90
VEN 50
Common Skill Configuration
Lv1 Rapid Bounce
Mana Emission I
Lv2 Life Spoil I
Lv3 Mercy Stroke II
Life Spoil II
Lv4 Full Blast Attack II
____ Charge II
Mercy Stroke III
Lv5 Desperate Attack
Combat Shift I
(Through memoria)
Mainly considering stats for characters, I wanted a thief with both good strength and dexterity. I enjoyed the thief class from when I played Kuara, but I felt like she lacked in damage somewhat. The thief and fencer classes have dexterity-based class skills, and I went berserker and swordmaster to further enhance her physical melee. EX class is dragoon in order to provide her with much needed smash and combo finishing class skills. Also spears are awesome. So I have this redhead thief that plays with all types of bladed weapons while overcome with battlerage, though I don't actually use Desperate Attack very much.

Rapid Bounce is the Dragoon's smash class skill, but when I have smash on my weapon or ring I switch it out for something else. I tend to not use much MP, so on long missions where it may best be used by another player I'll take Mana Emission. There really isn't much else I can put on the first slot, but if I need it I can take one of the charge series that Fencer has to enchant my own weapon. Life Spoil is a recovery technique, but the amount is dependent on the damage you do with it. Against an enemy with good defence it probably won't end up being a decent amount. Mercy Stroke II is the Dragoon's combo finisher. I used to have Mercy Stroke I on the second slot but Mercy Stroke II requires third slot or higher, so I switched it with Life Spoil. Even though I have Mercy Stroke III now the added mana cost and requirement of a level 4 slot doesn't seem worth it. Desperate Attack boosts STR and DEX at the cost of VIT and MEN, and also disables your guard. Extra damage, but risky so when I'm not using it I'll swap it out for Full Blast Attack II or something else. Full Blast Attack II takes off 20% of your own HP to do a powerful attack, but if it'll finish off the stage boss there's little risk in using it.