Icon_Jidda.jpg Jidda

1st SOL - 45
2nd BRV - 74
3rd LOR - 71
4th HRO - 28
EX VEN - 42
CRN - 20
Common Skill Configuration
Lv1 Penetrate I
Lv2 Swallow Flap
Lv3 Fatal Shock II
Lv4 Wake Up I~V
Revital 2
Lv5 Hydro Charge I
Fatal Raid I
Soldier was the last class I tried out. Many people, including myself, wanted a female soldier for quite some time. She was finally added with ruins share, and I tried her out, and despite her awesome charge speeds, I felt her stats were lacking. I went with Jidda after trying that character so that I might could play a more magey soldier. This isn't a sword! It's a staff! A metal, bladed staff… Yeah. I made some medium armor with magic +1 so I can go around doing 4th or 5th ring charges with him, and make interesting combos as a battlemage. On hero class with Maximize and Mantra you can do longsword and ring up to 5th charge. So I use the same rings that my casters use, and make whatever longswords seem interesting. Even though Jidda's charge speeds are on the slow side, I enjoy the single attack damage that I'm used to with my other characters.

Lord's Wake Up one through five are really nice for additional skill customization. They will overwrite a weapon and ring charge, allowing you to improve your combos. Braveheart has a lot of utility, such as Swallow Flap for smash, Penetrate for armor-ignoring damage, Revital for AoE healing, and Deft Thrust to perform an attack that also switches your weapons as you do it for interesting weapon swap combos. The Hero has skills that require multiple people, which don't see much use aside from goofing off. Demise Ray, especially, could use some buffs. Nothing like doing a 3-person kamehameha to the boss and seeing it do next to no damage.

It's easy to forget that Jidda has +10% to water and earth. There is the ice longsword so I made sure to make that, but I like elemental weapons so I've made most of them already anyway. It wasn't until I started playing Jidda that I made some sealed longswords - Lv10 (fire), Lv50, Lv70 (ice), Lv80. Thinking about making the Lv30 wind one, might could do some interesting aerial combos with that.

Pics to come whenever I make the stupid SOL sealed armor.
-edit- Making CNQ armor instead of the SOL one, Jidda probably won't get played anymore now that I have a better soldier character.