Icon_Davis.jpg Davis

1st WAR 90
2nd GLD 90
3rd GRL 90
4th SAM 90
Common Skill Configuration
Lv1 不生不滅
(Katana Lv1)
Cruel Scourge I
Lv2 真実不虚
(Samurai Smash)
Lv3 Bull Smash
(Katana Lv2)
Lv4 Perfect Guard I
Recovery I
Lv5 Combat Shift I
Combat Shift II
Going for someone with good strength and defence, I found Davis was the only character that had initial VIT and MEN over 50. What's more he was a Novice, so I could choose his initial class. I went Warrior and chose his classes to give a good balance of bonuses to STR and VIT.

This guy is tough as nails. Even after taking beatings due to my horrible play I tend to outlast the other players if it comes down to that. He's the exact opposite of my Listy, so when I switch back I have to remind myself that I can't get beat up anymore. He mostly uses axes and hammers, but uses swords a little as well. As a general he'll carry a longsword, and as a samurai both of his weapons are usually katana. The Samurai's smash skill swaps weapons on usage, so I tend to use both weapons in his combos. Gladiator's Combat Shift is also usually in effect, allowing him to perform melee skills using his ring gauge. This lets me focus on raising his physical attack, using titles like zenshin and tenshin. With Combat Shift's skills to keep my combo alive, even with an extremely slow weapon charge rate I can manage just fine.

Besides what have come to be his indispensable skills, Warrior's Cruel Scourge is rather convenient in allowing to hit downed enemies, possibly popping them up for someone else to continue the combo. Once I got Warrior to 90, Bull Smash was a godsend. A combo finisher with a huge hitbox that expands around your character and only costs 5 MP. The strength of it is about the same as Dragoon's Mercy Stroke I, so no complaints there. With Davis' low MP this is certainly a nice thing to have. The General's Perfect Guard will allow the party to automatically guard 4 times when you would have gotten hit otherwise. This adds to the defence-focused mindset I had when choosing this character. Only downside here is that it's very costly on his mana. Only having 800 total, casting Perfect Guard twice and Combat Shift once will drain just about all of it, leaving enough to do his smash skill as needed. The katana's hidden skills are rather neat, but I tend to forget which ones are on which katana, so it doesn't see much actual usage. Overall I feel like he has a nice collection of skills, but between the ones that are actually needed, there isn't much room to play with the others.

Seeing as how my Davis doesn't require the dragoon's class skills, and doesn't have the right stats for a Venera or Chronomaster, I've made Mercenary his EX class. It's still quite low as I'm not a fan of the Mercenary class, but I noticed that combining the Mercenary's ability to use any weapon along with Samurai's smash skill will let him mix up any combination of weapons in a combo. Using his first weapon, then doing the swap smash and continuing with the second is rather interesting to say the least. But, I still don't quite have the weapon selection to satisfy this.