Patch Notes

2012/3/10 - Rolo Version 10.26b - This was the last update for ROLO, before it switched to ROLC

Fixed an issue with some techniques passing through doors and such.

2012/2/25 - Rolo Version 10.25b
Fixed a crash introduced in 10.23b when returning from the mission reward screen.

2012/2/25 - Rolo Version 10.24b
Tentative patch to correct issues with 10.23b.
Fixed an issue with the charm accessories.

2012/2/24 - Rolo Version 10.23b
Experimentally added an accessory system.
 - At most 3 can be equipped
 - Added crafting recipes
Can set different class skills to weapon swapping.
Changed equipment loadout screen.
 - Added accessories
 - Integrated class skill selection
 - Class skills bound to equipment palettes
 - Previous saved equipment palettes are deleted with this update
Quests added.
Graphics system changed.
Change pages with PageUp/PageDown/Camera Controls.
Fixed an error where certain enemy motions caused the game to crash.
Fixed various issues reported on the bulletin board.
(This update made the game rather unstable, and the graphics system changes seem to have been undone in 10.24b)

2012/1/15 - Rolo Version 10.22b
Added exp gain to the new year event mission.

2012/1/15 - Rolo Version 10.21b
There was like, a mission fucked up, or something.

2012/1/15 - Rolo Version 10.20b
Quest added until 1/22: Fire share required.
Fixed various issues reported on the bulletin board.

2012/1/8 - Rolo Version 10.19b
Fixed an issue with quest status not displaying properly after turning in a quest.
Fixed a bug in Famulk Ruins
Fixed various issues reported on the bulletin board.

2012/1/7 - Rolo Version 10.18b
Limited event quest/mission added.
  - Receive from NPC 「カティ」 in the bar
Other quests removed.

2011/12/20 - Rolo Version 10.17b
Experimentally added a new quest system.
  - Receive from new NPC 「カティ」 in the bar

2011/12/11 - Rolo Version 10.16b
Added 2 engravement crests to the exchange items for Christmas Event.
Funny blast shoots an arrow when used with a bow.

2011/12/3 - Rolo Version 10.15b
Fixed an issue in the new mission.

2011/12/2 - Rolo Version 10.14b
New event/mission in Port Town Senleigh.
By collecting an item from the event-only mission and passing a certain number to セレス in the bar you can earn Santa Armor.  The mission is available to people of any level.

Santa Armor:
1 piece: blessing (status protection)
2 piece: mantra (ring charge +1)
3 piece: MP regen

Body: When someone in the room has it equipped, mission reward +1
Glove: Weapon/Ring Lv3 skill changed
Boots: HP regen

The bonuses are only available for the length of the Christmas Event.

2011/11/20 - Rolo Version 10.13b
New character 「クラニィ」 added to 「崖下に伏す古跡」
New refinement recipes added to 「崖下に伏す古跡」
Fixed various issues reported on the bulletin board.

2011/11/12 - Rolo Version 10.12b
Fixed certain weapon skills of the new share patch being too weak.
Adjusted external appearance of some equipment.
Fixed an issue with recognition of obtained equipment.
Fixed various issues reported on the bulliten board.

2011/11/5 - Rolo Version 10.11b
Fixed an issue with the new share patch 「崖下に伏す古跡」

2011/11/5 - Rolo Version 10.10b
Introduction of new share patch 「崖下に伏す古跡」
Adjustment of enchant system
 - Enchant made to have an effect on magic
 - Magic's neutral element's name 「無属性」changed to 「虚属性」
 - 「虚属性」 envelops all six basic elements
 - 「無属性」 will now refer to attacks not having an element
 - Incompatible enchants will now produce 「虚属性」 enchant
 - Magic damage adjusted
Adjustment of damage multipliers with enchanting
 - Six basic elements:100% of target's weakness (unchanged)
 - Four combined elements:90% of target's weakness (unchanged)
 - 虚属性:50% of target's weakness(10% reduction)
 - Combined/虚属性 enchants will use the most effective weakpoint
Ceased engraving of weapon skills being restricted by element
 - If the elements are incompatible it will become 虚属性
Class Skill adjustments
 - キーンスペルⅠ    :MP usage 15 → 5
 - キーンスペルⅡ    :MP 150 → 5/Damage adjusted
 - キーンスペルⅢ    :Skill Lv changed from 2 to 3. Hits Downed Enemies only.
 - キーンスペルⅣ    :MP 200 → 5/Damage adjusted
 - フィニッシングファイア:MP 110 → 130/Skill Lv1 → Lv2/Damage up/Weak point amplification removed
 - フィニッシングウォータ:Same as above
 - フィニッシングウィンド:Same as above
 - フィニッシングソイル :Same as above
 - フィニッシングライト :MP 160 → 130/Damage up
 - フィニッシングダーク :MP 180 → 130/Damage up
 - フィニッシングバースト:MP 120 → 160/Skill Lv2 → Lv3/Damage up. Hits Downed Enemies only.
 - フィニッシングアイス :Same as above
 - フィニッシングサンダー:MP140 → 160/Skill Lv2 → Lv3/Damage up
 - フィニッシングサンド :Same as above
 - ブレイズンフレイム  :Fixed an issue with the attack's element
Weapon skill adjustment
 - ブレイズスラッシュ  :Changed from Lv3 → Lv4
 - スイングガスト    :Changed from Lv4 → Lv3
 - サテライトレイ    :Adjusted hitbox
 - フェロシャスバーン  :Adjusted hitbox/Made combined(melee) attack type
Made part of items you don't possess hidden
Fixed issues with castle and temple share missions

2011/10/13 - Rolo Version 10.09b
Fixed some skills not consuming MP.

2011/10/12 - Rolo Version 10.08b
Traditional after-update bugfix patch.

2011/10/12 - Rolo Version 10.07b
・New Class Skill for Warlock
・Class Skill Adjustment
 - Wake Up :Skill Level changed to 3
 - Keen Spell Ⅲ :MP Usage reduced from 50 to 5 and changed to scale damage with combo hits
 - Accurate Magic changed
・Changed the behavior of certain missions when you die
 - Checkpoints added; restart from checkpoint when wiped out
 - Experience reduced by 20%, and reward boxes reduced by 1 when wiped out(There is a minimum reward)
・Checkpoints added to the following missions
 - 「スダルカン城」
 - 「エドゥルム魔宮」
 - Rushuin Fort 「史跡への往訪」 All Missions
・Part of a Fort Rushuin  「史跡への往訪」 mission changes when wiped out
・Fixed an issue with kaizer armor

2011/10/02 - Rolo Version 10.06b
Fixed an issue with the minimap in Fort Rushuin missions.

2011/10/02 - Rolo Version 10.05b
・「伝説への挑戦」「血戦の闘場」 New missions.
・Adjustment of shield upgrading
 - Can use multiple 「封陽石」「封陰石」 in a single shield upgrade.
 - 「封匠石」Used for the upgrading of shield titles.
 - When 「封匠石」 is used in upgrading the title can be improved by one step at a certain probability.
 - Using multiple 「封匠石」 will improve the probability of a title upgrade, but lower the success rate of the upgrade itself.
・New combining/refinement recipes.
・Fixed an issue with a shield ring refinement recipe.
・Fixed an issue with the saint-only armor.

2011/9/22 - Rolo Version 10.04b
Endless Search 17/18 added.
One bonus reward box when the host clears a mission.
Fixed various issues reported on the bulliten board.

2011/9/17 - Rolo Version 10.03b
Rank 19 Proof of Unity 「結束の証明」 mission bugfix.
  - Wrong race setting corrected.
  - Treasure chests didn't come out.
Fixed various issues reported on the bulliten board.

2011/9/17 - Rolo Version 10.02b
New mission added to Proof of Unity「結束の証明」.
Adjusted the exp difference when playing with higher level players.
  - So low level players can play with higher level players, the lower level player will receive a moderate amount of experience.
Adjusted guild system.
  - Initial guild members allowed is 5, and increases with new players.
  - Requires money for guild rank up changes with the amount of members.
  - Name displayed when donating to the guild is changed to the display name.
Class skill adjustment.
  - Fatal Shock (all): damage type changed to combined(physical)
  - Fatal Shock V: damage up
  - 滅空: damage up
Weapon skill スフィアブレイク - hit detection adjustment and damage type changed to combined(physical).
New armor that uses 帝王の証 to craft.
Title adjustment.
 - 転霊:All races +20% added
 - 転身:All elements +25% added
カレドアン渓谷's map refined.
Exp gains of some missions increased.
 - 「狂妄なる暴君」   :150% → 170%
 - 「古文明の残骸」   :150% → 190%
 - 「孤城:西の塔」   :170% → 220%
 - 「孤城:礼拝堂」   :170% → 220%
 - 「孤城:王の間」   :170% → 220%
 - 「魔宮:魔宮への洞窟」:190% → 240%
 - 「魔宮:東地下の間」 :190% → 240%
 - 「魔宮:転送の間」  :190% → 240%
Deleted the function where a circle is displayed at the enemy's feet.
  - Replaced with an arrow above the enemy.
Added an effect above dropped items.
Some effects changed to not be erased by dispel.
  - Wake Up
  - Combat Shift
  - Elementalist's Spirits
Mission 「遠来せし鳥人」 removed.
Mission 「衰廃せし廟堂」 had a bugfix.
ヒュプノスメイス's low attack power fixed.
Changed some shield equipment refinement.
Removed town chat because of some nuisances.
Fixed various issues reported on the bulliten board.

2011/8/31 - Rolo Version 10.01b
Some bosses added in 10.00b weakened.
Fixed an error in some title recipes.
Raised the level cap of 「スダルカン城」 and 「エドゥルム魔宮」 by 5.
Experimentally raised the player limit for some missions.
 - Fort Rushuin Journey to a Historic Area 「史跡への往訪」 raised from 4 to 6.
 - エドゥルム魔宮 raised from 4 to 6.
Experimentally refined the graphics of mission 「白糸の渓谷」.
 - New trial mission in Port Senleigh.
Fixed various issues reported on the bulliten board.

2011/8/28 - Rolo Version 10.00b
Level cap raised from 80 to 90.
New Lv81~90 missions.
Class Skill revision.
 - Knight's Life Boost replaced with a new skill.
 - New Class Skills for Fencer and Berserk.
 - Adrenaline Rush's acquired level changed from 50 to 40.
 - Perfect Guard's effective times reduced from 5 to 4.
Magic attack power increased by about 10% (Magic only/Skills with the ring icon).
Mission 「衰廃せし廟堂」 Changed.

2011/8/20 - Rolo Version 9.44b
Adjusted Fort Rushuin 史跡への往訪 - Journey to a Historic Area missions.
 - Now able to identify the boss before entering the area they appear.
 - Enemy numbers adjusted in accordance to player numbers(Labyrinth missions also).
Increased the maximum players for certain missions.
 - スヴェルデ幻宮: from 4 to 6

2011/8/20 - Rolo Version 9.43b
Fixed an issue with Hell Swallow.

2011/8/20 - Rolo Version 9.42b
Fort Rushuin's 史跡への往訪 - Journey to a Historic Area missions adjusted.
 - Maps aren't random anymore
 - Maps made smaller
 - Must defeat all enemies to proceed
 - Enemies don't respawn anymore
 - Treasure chests and the like are rearranged
Increased the maximum players for certain missions. (Experimentally)
 - 元帥再臨:From 6 to 8
 - 地獄の中将:4 → 6
 - スダルカン城:4 → 6
 - 兇暴なる牛魔:3 → 4
New low level shield refinement recipes.
Fixed a mistake in a couple weapons' skillsets.
 - カドモススピア
 - ゲイレルルスピア
Correction of various issues reported on the message board.

2011/8/10 - Rolo Version 9.41b
Corrected an issue with elemental weapons.
Adjusted some shield refinement recipes.
Corrected an issue with Imhotep Ring's Lv2 skill.
Correction of various issues reported on the message board.

2011/8/7 - Rolo Version 9.40b
New missions added to Colosseum of Bloodshed(血戦の闘場) and Proof of Unity(結束の証明) categories.
  - Guild Rank 17 / Castle Share required.
Eased requirements of shield equipment only missions.
  - Non-shield equipment allowed.
  - Non-shield equipment's titles are nullified
Eased requirements of guild only missions.
  - Guilds that the host is a guest in can participate.
Changed some engraved equipment.
Weapons have rarity displayed.

2011/7/23 - Rolo Version 9.39b
Corrected the issue with Dispel not working

2011/7/23 - Rolo Version 9.38b
New Mission in "Endless Search"
New Item added to mission reward - Reonbion Coin
兇暴なる牛魔 - Adjusted part of mission reward
New Items added to clearance shop
Some techniques with high hitboxes were adjusted to still hit high when using short characters
Skills changed:
 - テリブルアサルト :Amount of knockback changed
 - ハートレスラッシュ:Same as above
 - マーシレスフォール:Got rid of auto target on attack's start
 - グラビティスワール:Same as above
 - ヘルスワロウ   :Lowered the amount of HP drain
 - テンペスト    :Widened range
 - カタクリズム   :Same as above
Adjusted guard breaks
Changed Wake Up IV's ring skill
Various fixes

2011/7/9 - Rolo Version 9.37b
New 3 person missions added to Rushuin's Legend missions
Mission reward adjustment:
* 「血戦の戦場」   :Certain metals added to mission reward
* 「奇異なる形像」  :Same as above
* 「蜥を統べる魔術師」:Same as above
* 「偶像を操る魔竜」 :Same as above
* 「Sand Share」 :Silver coins added to Journey missions.
* 「Snow Share」 :Same as above
* 「Fire Share」 :Same as above
* 「Lightning Share」 :Same as above
Adjustment of low, middle, and high class AI
Correction of a bug in mission 「中枢への険路」
Correction of various bugs

2011/7/1 - Rolo Version 9.36b

Corrected issues with new skills of rings mounted in 9.30b
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