Getting Started

This game is extremely simple to set up. There are two packages to download: the core game files(240~MB), and a small update(25MB).

Core Game Files 10.10b


Please head to the official Tomoshibi site to download the update if it is not provided above. If an update comes out while you are playing, you will be nagged every few minutes to download the update, but you can continue playing as long as you like. If you haven't updated you will not be able to log in.


Extract the game files where you want your Rolo folder to be. Afterwards, extract and run the update program. There is a single text box at the top for you to input your Rolo folder, after which the install button will become usable. Click install, it should say it installed successfully (in Japanese). Upon starting the game, confirm the current version at the bottom right of the title screen.


Don't bother. The combat system is largely intuitive and you won't need to execute any special motions. Please consult the Play Guide for more information.

Account Creation / Save Data

Upon entering the game there is a login screen. If this is a fresh installation there will be a single option to create a new account. Fill in a display name and password and that's it. Save data is stored locally so it is your responsibility to maintain backups of your save folder. For those who would try to cheat, the data is verified by the server upon login through whatever means. Additionally, in the event of restoring a backup, it will take a few days for confirmation of your player data. Because of this, you may want to weigh whether a mistake such as selling a weapon by accident is worth waiting it out.


After logging in for the first time, there will be a scene with a young man on a boat. This boat pulls into Port City Senleigh and a young man steps into town. This red-haired man is Feltis, and is the only available Soldier class among the free characters. You will be talked to by a few people, and briefly led around town. Key places are the Hunter's Guild, and the Bar. You will want to talk to a man inside the Hunter's Guild by the name of グラーグ. This will unlock a mission that is very helpful when starting out. By completing this mission you can receive vouchers which can be traded to グラーグ for slightly better level 1 equipment.

The Bar

The Bar is where game sessions begin. It is located at the bottom of a small tunnel with stairs. The first option creates a game, the second displays existing ones, while the third is to change your character. If you wish for others to join your game, port 2400 UDP must be open. If you wish to play by yourself, passwording the room with the bottom option (above the room comment text box) is best. After creating a room the bulletin board inside can be used to select and start a mission.

Shareware Patches

Looking over Tomoshibi's download page, below the game and update there are several other patches available for download. While they can easily be downloaded and installed, these are shareware patches that require a serial key to be purchased in order to use them. The keys themselves are individually created upon purchase, so it may take a day or more before you receive your code. You will only want these if you have become seriously engrossed in playing this game, and by that time you've put enough hours into it to warrant the purchase.

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