Port Town Senleigh

Below is a map of the town, provided courtesy of ラティウス.

  • Your home is located on the right of the map, between the hunter's guild and bar. This is where you'll start every time you log in.
  • Head to the bar to start or join a game.
  • The hunter's guild offers various services.
  • The building just across from the hunter's guild has a blacksmith on the first floor and shop on the second.
  • For information on the various traders, look at material exchange.
  • Once you are rank 11, talking to ライアル after first speaking with a man in the hunter's guild will open a new set of missions. If you clear 惨慄の暗路, which requires the dispel ring, you will be able to ride the ship to Fort Rushuin by speaking to ライアル again.
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