Sealed Equipment Refinement

Sealed equipment is treated much differently than normal equipment.

  1. They are only found at Fort Rushuin missions
  2. They are indicated by a green color
  3. They follow a different refining and upgrading method (ダブの鍛冶屋)
  4. They sell for 1 beru, but on the market have a steep minimum price based on level
  5. The titles they have cannot be changed; equipment level can be raised or lowered only
  6. Attack power is higher than that of normal equipment of the same level
  7. They have all 5 skills, and possess stronger skills at low levels, as well as sealed-exclusive skills

Concerning sealed equipment upgrading:

  • Only available at Rushuin's trading post, sealed and normal equipment can be upgraded or refined.
  • Special items are required for upgrading and refining.
  • The equipment to be upgraded must be in your online storage, not your stash.
  • Materials used in the recipe must be stored at ダブの鍛冶屋.
  • There is a 24 hour wait for upgrading, 72 hours for refining.
  • Titles cannot be changed through upgrading, only equipment level raised or lowered.
  • +/- levels will carry over through refinement.
    • There is a probability of success involved when crafting at ダブの鍛冶屋.
    • If the procedure fails, all materials are lost, including the equipment.
    • When upgrading, the success rate is 95% at equipment level 0 (+/- 0).
    • For each +/- 1, the probability lowers by 2%.
    • When refining, the success rate is 80%, regardless of equipment level.
    • 封巧石 can be used to raise the success rate to 100%.

Sealed Equipment Refinement

Sealed armor, weapons, and rings can be upgraded following these recipes

Lv 1/15 Sealed Equipment+破血晶+ブロンズ   Lv 5 Sealed Equipment
Lv 5/25 Sealed Equipment+破血晶+ティン  Lv15 Sealed Equipment
Lv15/35 Sealed Equipment+破血晶+ゴールド   Lv25 Sealed Equipment
Lv25/45 Sealed Equipment+破血晶+イシルディン Lv35 Sealed Equipment
Lv35/55 Sealed Equipment+破心晶+モリブデン  Lv45 Sealed Equipment
Lv45/65 Sealed Equipment+破心晶+エレクトラム Lv55 Sealed Equipment
Lv55/75 Sealed Equipment+破命晶+タングステン Lv65 Sealed Equipment
Lv65/85 Sealed Equipment+破活晶+ガルヴォルン Lv75 Sealed Equipment
Lv75 Sealed Equipment+破活晶+アボイタカラ Lv85 Sealed Equipment

Sealed Unique Refinement

Mostly Shareware recipes and all difficult to make, these can be considered the sealed version of unique weaponry.

Level 10 Share
Lv 5 Equipment+破血晶+覇王の証+剣聖の証 Lv10 Share Sealed Weapon・Heavy・Medium
Lv 5 Equipment+破血晶+聖王の証+導師の証 Lv10 Share Sealed Ring・Light
Level 20 Share
Lv15 Equipment+破活晶+破魂晶 All Lv20 Share Sealed Equipment (No Armors)
Level 30 Share
Lv25 Equipment+破血晶+英雄の証+剣聖の証 Lv30 Share Sealed Weapon・Heavy・Medium
Lv25 Equipment+破血晶+賢者の証+導師の証 Lv30 Share Sealed Ring・Light
Level 40 Unique
Lv35 Equipment+破心晶+王者の証 All Lv40 Unique Sealed Equipment
Level 50 Share
Lv45 Equipment+破心晶+英雄の証+君主の証 Lv50 Share Sealed Weapon・Heavy・Medium
Lv45 Equipment+破心晶+賢者の証+教主の証 Lv50 Share Sealed Ring・Light
Level 60 Share
Lv55 Equipment+破命晶+破気晶 All Lv60 Share Sealed Equipment
Level 60 Unique
Lv55 Equipment+破命晶+王者+王者 Lv60 Unique Sealed Weapon・Ring
Level 70 Share
Lv65 Equipment+破命晶+覇王の証+君主の証 Lv70 Share Sealed Weapon・Heavy・Medium
Lv65 Equipment+破命晶+聖王の証+教主の証 Lv70 Share Sealed Ring・Light
Level 80 Share
Lv75 Equipment+破活晶+闘神の証 Lv80 Share Sealed Weapon
Lv75 Equipment+破活晶+賢神の証 Lv80 Share Sealed Ring
Lv75 Equipment+破活晶+破魂晶+南十字の星玉or孔雀の星玉 Lv80 Share Sealed Light・Medium・Heavy

Refinement Items 封印石

Found from boss class drops and mission rewards at low probability.
By sending them to safekeeping at ダブの鍛冶屋, they can be used for upgrading and refining of sealed equipment. Sending them to your stash renders them useless, except for raising or lowering normal equipment by 5 levels(封陽石,封陰石). If they are in your online storage you can entrust ダブの鍛冶屋 with them.

Items below are used exclusively for refining.

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