Single Element Rings

These rings have attacks of one element only.

Multi-Element Rings

Depending on whether every 10 levels are even or odd, the attacks change slightly.

Special Element Rings

These rings are essentially a combination of two elements, creating a new type of magical attack. The combination of ring and crystal determine which special element is created. Combined element attacks are effective against weaknesses to either of their elements, whichever does more damage, though at a slightly reduced rate (90%). There is also a non-elemental, or neutral, element that is effective against any elemental weakness, though at a more greatly reduced rate (60%). The special elements are as follows:

Explosion(爆) = Fire(火) + Wind(風)
Ice(氷) = Water(水) + Earth(土)
Sand(砂) = Earth(土) + Fire(火)
Lightning(雷) = Wind(風) + Water(水)
Neutral(無) = Light(光) + Dark(闇)

There is one ring of this type at every 10 levels. Generally they are crafted from the mixed-element ring 2 levels below them. For example, Gimp Ring is used to craft Onyx Ring. Exceptions are the share-only special element rings. When crafting a special element ring, the new ring will have the initial points of both (all in the case of neutral) of its elements +10. For example if your starting ring was fire and you're making explosion, with 30 or more points fire and 20 or more points in wind, at the confirmation screen you may see fire and wind +40%, due to the increase of initial points in the newly crafted item (The fire ring already has +10 fire as its initial point value, so there is no increase there). Special rings tend to have higher attack power as well as easier to use skillsets over pure and mixed rings. While they are somewhat troublesome to craft due to the requirements of at least two crystals and essense, you may find yourself not wanting to use regular rings anymore.
Skills in blue followed by a 複 are skills of the ring's special element.
Skills in parenthesis ( ) are of the basic element of the ring, as follows.
Explosion = Fire
Ice = Water
Sand = Earth
Lightning = Wind
Skills in brackets [ ] are of the base element of the ring it was made from. Therefore special share rings can have different skillsets depending on how they were made.

Sealed Rings

Skills in brackets [ ] are of the base element of the ring it was made from.

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