Mission Rewards

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Displayed Below are non-share missions of the following categories:
史跡への往訪 (Journey to a Historic Area) - Standard missions, there are no hard level caps, 3 additional missions are introduced upon gaining a rank. Bosses vary due to the time of day - Day, Dawn/Dusk(Mid in the tables for short), Night.
高みへの試練 (Trial of New Heights) - Rank up missions, available every 5 levels. These missions offer the chance of obtaining vouchers and rare fragments used to create special equipment titles. A level cap of 2 levels higher than the recommended level is in place.
伝説への挑戦 (Challenge of a Legend) - Much like normal missions, but the difficulty is higher, and there are level caps in place. Unlike historic area missions, high class monsters can spawn normally. The spawn rate of middle and high class monsters greatly ramps up with higher difficulty. Materials not obtained anywhere else can be found by completing these missions.
探求者への依頼 (Request for an Adventurer) - Missions here are unlocked by speaking to people in town. Even so, there is only the Level 1 mission received from a man in the Hunter's Guild, until you reach Rank 11 where there is a series of missions to pass in order to access the next land.

Level 1~10 Missions

Level 11~20 Missions

Level 21~30 Missions

Level 31~40 Missions

Level 41~50 Missions

The End of the Beginning

The following missions are not immediately available after defeating Saurva. Upon speaking with a man on the far end of the pier in town, this string of missions is unlocked under 探求者への依頼. One by one, the next stage will appear upon completion. If you succeed in defeating Maou Davize, your beginner mark will come off, and you will be able to access Rushuin.

Level 51~60 Missions

Level 61~70 Missions

Rank 14 Challenge of a Legend Missions

These missions are required for a specific group of weaponry, usually sought after for their 6th charge. Even though Famulk missions are non-share, much of the equipment that can be made from Famulk equipment requires share.

Level 71~80 Missions

Level 81~90 Missions

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