Quest System

Experimentally added in update 10.17, quests are Rolo's dailies. Once a day you can take a quest, complete the assigned mission, and turn in the quest for a reward.


A new NPC has been added to Senleigh's bar. In more recent patches she is behind the counter with the other two NPCs.


Talk to Kati to start the quest system.

Quest Menu


Here you will see a list of possible quests you can undertake. Select one for information such as who the request is from (Hunter Union for both of the initial quests), and to accept the quest. After selecting a number of quests as accepted you must select the uppermost option to upload your selection to the server.

It is possible the quest system is only open to those who has registered shareware patches. If your quest menu looks like this:


You are unable to undertake any quests.


After completing the mission indicated on the quest, you may speak with Kati again in order to receive your reward. Select the quest you completed, set it to recieve reward, and use the uppermost option to upload your decision. Quests set to collect reward are shown with a pink status as below.

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