Options Book

Most options are handled from setting.exe, but some in-game ones are delegated to the book in your private room, or in the bar on the table.

BGM音量 - Music Volume
ボイス音量 - Voice Volume (Only effective if you have the offline version, and only a few characters are available)
効果音音量 - Effect Volume
カメラ回転反転 - Whether or not to reverse the camera direction when camera left/right are pushed
カメラ高さ - Height of camera (Adjustable on the fly with page up/page down)
カメラ回転速度 - How fast the camera moves when pushing camera left/right (Maximum recommended)
遮蔽モデル表示方式 - Something about transparency when models are covered up

完全に透明化(fully transparent) or 距離に応じた透明度(dependent on distance)

スキルゲージ不足時の動作 - For when you don't have enough gauge to activate the selected skill:

スキルは発動しない(Don't activate a skill) or 発動可能なスキルが発動(Activate a usable skill)

木のレンダリング設定 - Tree rendering (Needs confirmation.)
敵の足元に目印を表示 - Whether or not to put circles around enemy feet for easier spotting

無効(Off) 赤(Red) 青(Blue)

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