Endless Search

The 果て無きの探求 category is a special set of missions that can give immense amounts of loot, including rares such as fragments, gray equipment, and rare metals. There is no experience gain. There are 12 missions, with level caps increased by 5. The dispel skill is required to clear the 12th stage, however. While 1-11 have random bosses, Maou Davize is always the boss of the last stage.


After each map, there is a screen for players to re-equip themselves, or even change characters/classes. For example after clearing endless search 1, you may equip gear of level 10 or below for endless search 2, and so on. Much like starting a mission, all players must declare they are ready before the next stage can begin. If you wish to return to the bar, pick 酒場に戻る and there is a yes/no confirmation.

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