Mission Board

This is where you'll choose which mission to play if hosting, or ready up if participating.


ルーム 情報 Room Information

  • 主催者 - Host
  • テーマ - Room's playstyle
  • 参加条件 - Conditions to enter(Guild only/Friend only)
  • 入室制限 - Conditions to enter(Level, rank, shareware restrictions)

Mission Mode (協力: Cooperative, 対戦: Deathmatch)

  • ミッション - Mission name
  • ボス - Boss
  • レベル推奨 - Level recommendation
  • レベル制限 - Level cap
  • 難易度 - Difficulty

Host options

  • 準備完了 - Ready up, same if not hosting
  • ルーム設定 - Set the room's theme, participation restrictions, and comment
  • モード選択 - Change the room's type of play (Coop, Pvp 3 modes[Individual, team, tournament])
  • ゲームオプション設定 - Set max players, difficulty level, and level cap

無制限 - No cap
主催者のレベル - Host's level
最も低い参加者のレベル - Lowest level
1~ - Manually set level cap

  • マップ選択 - Select map

日々の鍛錬 - Practice
史跡への往訪 - Journey to a Historic Area
高みへの試練 - Trial of New Heights (Missions to raise your character's rank)
伝説への挑戦 - Challenge of a Legend (More difficult missions where high class monsters spawn normally)
血戦の闘場 - Colosseum of Bloodshed (Materials to craft memoria)
果て無き探求 - Endless Search (A series of missions that give more loot the more you do in a row - but no experience)
古の碑文 - Ancient Scriptures (Class change missions)
探求者への依頼 - Request for an Adventurer (Special Missions)
結束の証明 - Proof of Unity (Guild-only missions)

  • 開始 - If all players are ready, starts the game
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