Memoria System

Memoria can be used to store class skills. Upon equipping a memoria plate with a skill embedded, characters may use class skills not available to them. Memoria is divided into two categories: memoria and memoria plates. Ingredients to craft them are received from the Colosseum of Bloodshed (血戦の闘場) category of missions.


Memoria have grades from 1 through 5, determining which level of class skill they can hold. After a memoria has its class skill defined, it can be embedded into a memoria plate. Removing an embedded memoria destroys the memoria. When selecting the class skill for your memoria, three stars appear next to each skill. These are the number of characters you have which possess the skill in question. These affect the MP efficiency of the skill. At one character (★☆☆), the MP usage is high enough to be unusable in many cases. Three characters possessing the skill (★★★) will give the best MP usage. This is decided only when the memoria is created; changing someone's class will not degrade the memoria (Gaining the skill on another character will not raise it as well). The type of class skill versus your own class also affects the MP usage (melee, combined, magic based classes).

Memoria Plates

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