To determine where to obtain specific materials please consult the mission rewards page.

Metals 金属

Rare Metals

Listed below the normal metals in the same tab, these are hard to come by. The "Dropped From" column does not mean that you can get it from stages where the monster is the level boss. To receive the drop from these monsters they must be a midboss.

Gems 宝石

Special Gems

Listed below the normal gems in the same tab, these are only received from certain missions. Except for iritis, these gems are used to craft combined element rings.

Money 貨幣

Up to damascus, metal can be crafted from 3 of the same coin.
The other coins can be traded for specific materials at the clearance shop. In order to do this you must send them to the clearance shop for safekeeping at the mission clear screen when they are obtained. If you send them to storage you cannot transfer them to the clearance shop.

Fangs 牙 [STR]

Bones 骨 [INT]

Horns 角 [Offense stats, racial bonuses]

Claws and Wings 爪/翼 [DEX]

Fluids 体液 [CON]

Carapaces/Shells 皮/甲殻 [VIT]

Cloth 布 [MEN]

Scales 鱗 [Defense Stats, Elemental, Resist]

Essence/Crystal 雫/結晶 [Elemental, Resist]

Essence and crystals are one of the 6 basic elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark).
In normal missions, these only come from elemental drops and treasure chests.
Endless search up to rank 4 also gives them.
Certain shareware missions give them as a mission reward (white box at mission clear).

Jewel/Stamp 宝珠/刻印 [Racial]

These are occasionally received when completing missions.
They have no specific crafting use, their only equipment stats are to the race of the boss that was defeated.
Most common use is to add to a specific racial bonus that isn't receiving enough for the desired title, or to easily raise a specific racial bonus to the required amount (In the event of making a race-specific weapon like +50 or 65%).
Opposite races are as follows: Beast ⇔ Beastman, Material ⇔ Undead, Majin ⇔ Dragon.

Fragments 欠片

Fragments are rarely received from Trial of New Heights (高みへの試練), Colosseum of Bloodshed (血戦の闘場)、and Endless Search (果て無き探求) missions.
By upgrading an equipment with a specific combination of fragments, a special title may be achieved.
If an item with a special title is refined or upgraded, the special title is lost.
Special titles cannot be combined with equipment-specific titles such as racial bonuses, elemental bonuses, or elemental resist bonuses. Weapon and ring special titles have all races 20% or all elements 25% in addition to their unique bonus.

Special 特殊

Proofs 証

Mostly shareware-specific, they are required to create certain equipment.

Vouchers 勲章

Vouchers, except for the rank 1 voucher, are received from their respective Trial of New Heights (高みへの試練) missions. Garm for rank 2 gives the rank 2 voucher, and so forth. The rank 1 vouchers have titles better than storebought equipment, and can provide a better starting point for new equipment. Trading in higher vouchers for armor and selling the armor can fund your upgrading costs.

Tears 涙

Received from Colosseum of Bloodshed (血戦の闘場) missions, these are used to craft memoria and memoria plates.

Monster Cores 魔物の核

A rainbow-colored ball with information on a specific monster.
These may drop occasionally, or come out as a mission reward (level boss only).
By handing them over to one of the monster core npcs, their information will be displayed in your monster book. Additionally, you may practice against them in Daily Practice (日々の鍛錬).

Important Items 大事な物

Displayed in a different category, by checking 大事な物 from your stash you can view which ones you have owned. Once sent to storage they can be used indefinitely. Possessing multiple of one is meaningless.

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