The Market

The market is where players can put up items to sell, or purchase. However, just about everything you can do here is restricted. In order to use the market at least one shareware patch is required. Without share, you're on your own as far as items go. If you collect enough ベロ ("online" money) and are in a guild of rank 5 or 9, there are storage expansions you can purchase, even without share. The first costs 800,000 and the second is 3,000,000 (Needs confirmation). To get ベロ you must choose to sell an item for ベロ at the mission clear screen (ベロに課金 - blue text). Besides that there are 10 "online" storage slots usable (and 10 more for every patch you purchase). In order to sell an item you must select to send it here (取引所に送る - blue text) at the mission clear screen. Once an item goes into your storage you cannot transfer it to online storage.

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