The Ruins of The Lost Kingdom Online

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This wiki is not yet updated for Ruins of The Lost Kingdom Chronicle, which seeks to integrate the offline and online versions.

Rolo is a 3d doujin mmo with a combo system that outshines most fighting games. It features fluid controls, player-hosted games, huge equipment variety, a unique crafting system, and no downtime. It isn't a matter of having higher level as most stages have level caps or they are set by the host. Player skill is the deciding factor in whether you can survive here. You will find yourself practicing combos, planning craft recipes, and experimenting with new equipment. Stats are character-specific, so instead of builds it's more about who you use and what classes you choose for them. The game is quite tough solo so you will want to bring some friends. Making this game more accessible to english speakers is the main purpose of this wiki. If you appreciate a solid game that offers plenty of challenge and updates regularly, head to the getting started page for a quick download. A gamepad is recommended, though many people prefer keyboard and controls are fully customizable. The mouse is not used.

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Taking Down Hati by Gavodir

Pointers on combat while going through the stage and advice on how to beat Hati.

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