Hunter's Guild

Functions exclusive to the Hunter's Guild.


Conar helps novices (NOV) change their first class so that they can go on missions. Keep in mind that you can change it multiple times, but any experience gained on previous classes will be lost, even if you switch back (Needs confirmation).


Upon speaking with this man the first time, a mission will be unlocked. By completing this mission you can receive vouchers (勲章) which can be traded to him for more powerful level 1 equipment. Vouchers received from rank-up missions are also traded here.


Maya handles memoria creation. Memoria plates are equipped in the last equipment slot. These plates themselves have slots in them which memoria can be crafted and put into. Crafting memoria and memoria plates requires monster tears from special missions. Crafted memoria can be of grade 1~5, determining what skill level they can support. The plates themselves also have levels on the slots determining what grade memoria can be inserted. You start with one Memoria I and a basic memoria plate that can support one level 1 skill.


On the second floor, Edin handles guild related requests.
  • ギルドとは? - Description of the guild system.
  • ギルド結成 - Create a guild (Requires at least one shareware patch registered).
  • ギルド情報の確認 - Brings up options for guilds you're currently a member of.
  • ギルド紹介 - View a list of guilds.

The third option will bring up a new menu.
Up top it shows details about the guild.

  • ギルドマスター - Guild Master
  • ギルドランク - Guild Rank
  • メンバー人数 - Total Members
  • ゲスト人数 - Total Guests
  • メンバー募集 - Recruiting Status
  • 一般公開 - Revealed to non-members (公開 - yes, 非公開 - no)
  • マーケット - Whether non-members can use the guild market (公開 - yes, 非公開 - no)
  • The box below shows a comment for the guild, set by the guild master.

Below there are options related to guild management.

  • 課金 - Donate Bero towards raising the guild rank.
  • ログ閲覧 - View guild activity log, mostly pertaining to donations.
  • 長期不在ギルドマスター交代 - Needs confirmation. Possibly take over for a guild master that's been inactive.
  • マスターメニュー - Master Menu.
  • 脱退 - Leave the guild.

Master Menu has options only available to the master, or submaster(s).

  • ギルド名変更 - Change guild name.
  • エンブレム変更 - Change guild emblem.
  • メンバー募集設定切替 - Toggle member recruitment status.
  • 一般公開設定切替 - Toggle public access to guild information.
  • マーケット公開設定切替 - Toggle public access to your guild market.
  • コメント編集 - Edit the guild comment.
  • サブマスター設定 - Set who is submaster.
  • ギルドチャットホスト設定 - Set which IRC server to use for guild chat.
  • ギルドマスター交代要請 - Request someone to take over as guild master.
  • 解散 - Disband the guild.
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