Communications (Friend/Guild) Menu

In your private room, or on the counter in the bar is a logbook with community functions available.

メッセージ閲覧 - View messages: recieve and reply to mail from here. Friend/guild invites will require confirmation by selecting the message from within this window.
プレイヤーリスト閲覧 - View player list: opening this will yield 3 selections - Recently played with/Friend/Guild. Access other players' profiles from here to send them mail, friend invites, or guild invites if submaster/master.
プレイヤー検索 - Search for players by name
プロフィール閲覧/編集 - View/edit profile: can set main character, whether or not to display guild information, and change comments displayed for public, friend, and guild members respectively.
ギルドチャット - Enable/disable guild chat(s)

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