Clearance Shop

Certain coins can be sent to the clearance shop at the mission clear screen when received. The rightmost option (クラレンス商店ヘ納品) will send them there. If this is done they cannot be retrieved to use normally, but this is the only way to trade for rare items when you have accumulated enough coins. Coins in your online trading storage can be sent to the clearance shop.

Shareware Items

Castle Share

S'dalkan Coins(スダルカン硬貨) obtained from castle share missions.

Temple Share

Edulm coins (エドゥルム硬貨) obtained from temple share missions.

Gustalena Coins グスタレナ硬貨

Obtained from Forbidden Labyrinth(封印されし迷宮) missions.

Lembion Coins レンビオン硬貨

Obtained from Lv52 Request for an Adventurer(探求者への以来) missions.

Famulk Coins ファムルク硬貨

Obtained from Lv72 Challenge of a Legend(伝説への挑戦) missions.

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