Class Information

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Class Tree

Certain classes are restricted to shareware content. They are indicated in color as follows:

Sand Share Snow Share Fire Share Lightning Share Castle Share

Usable Equipment

This table displays which weapons can be equipped, and to what extent they are usable for each class. A 5 is the highest meaning all charge attacks can be utilized for that weapon. A 0 means it can be equipped, but only the basic attacks are usable. Additionally, the types of armor they can use are displayed.

Status Boosts

While a certain class is selected, the status boosts and minuses for that class are put in effect. Originally stats have a +100% maximum with class and title bonuses. This can be raised by acquiring additional classes. Upon acquiring your second class your status cap is 110% as long as your second class level is equal to or lower than your first class level. If you raise your second class higher, the 10% upper limit raise will gradually decrease. This applies for every next class tier you acquire as well, up to a maximum of 140% (1~4, EX class acquired).
Additionally, up to half the status boosts (not minuses) from your other classes are applied. This also decreases if your current class' level is higher than your other classes. While you may acquire multiple classes in a tier (Except first tier), only one in each tier can be considered 'active' at a time. Therefore acquiring all classes available will not stack status boosts.

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