Chat Commands

Displays only for yourself

/help - Display a list of chat commands
/info - Only usable mid-game, displays the stage being done (name, time of day, difficulty).
/ping - Displays your current ping to the server, or your ping to each player if hosting.
/fps - Toggles display of frames per second. Rolo runs at 30 fps.
/name - Toggles display of player names.
/clear - Clears the current text being displayed.

Displays for all

/status - Information about your current ability levels are displayed:

/status main - Displays physical attack power and critical rate, magic attack power and critical rate, physical defense and magic defense.
/status zokusei - Displays current boosts to elemental damage.
/status syuzoku - Displays current boosts to damage to different races.
/status taisei - Displays current resistances to elemental damage.
/status all - All of the above.

Using /status m, or /status z/s/t/a will work for their respective commands.  Just typing /status is the same as /status main.

/equip - Tells other players your current equipment loadout. The commands below can be used to only display a part of it.

Special functions

/F1~/F8 - Hotkey any chat or commands. Use quotes if necessary. Example: /F1 "HA HA HA"

Recommended hotkeys:
A greeting
A thanks

/bell - Rings a bell for everyone in the room. This is often used as a signal to gather up, or to alert another player.
/gm text - Guild chat. Ctr+Enter also works.
/ggm text - Guild guest chat. Shift+Enter also works.
/tell name text - Whisper a player. This only works while in town.

Mission commands

/jump name/PID - Warps to the indicated player. Only works when dead. Their name or player ID may be used.
/healing - Sit down to recover HP/MP. HP regeneration is dependent on VIT and MP on MEN (Needs confirmation).
/retire - Exits the current game. If the host uses this during a mission everyone returns to the bar. If in town will return to the title.
/kick name/PID - Ejects a player from the game, only usable by host.
/comment text - Host only. Changes the comment displayed for the room to people viewing it from town. Can be changed from the bar as well.


/report - Report nuisance or offensive conduct to Tomoshibi. What exactly is reported or if there should be additional text is not known; there is nothing displayed when this command is input. Even so, it's best to use only when another player is causing trouble.
/ang - Toggle 3d glasses.

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