Character Creation

Character Creation only available in Rol's Free mode within RoLC

All base classes except for novice are available for use within character creation.

Stats are determined by spending the 140 points given to you.
Each stat has 4 steps as you increase it, each having 5 ticks.
For the first step, each increase costs 1. For the 2nd it costs 2, 3rd costs 3, and 4th costs 4.
To make a value reach its max requires 50 points.
Customized characters receive no bonuses to elemental or racial damage.

Stat Minimum value Maximum value
HP 730 1790
MP 760 1530
Right(main) charge 25f 5f
Left(off) charge 25f 5f
STR 34 60
DEX 34 60
VIT 34 60
INT 34 60
CON 34 60
MEN 34 60
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