A few bugs we have discovered.

Broken = Hits are not echoed
Works = Hits are echoed.

-> Rings:
=> Aerial:

Wind: Broken
Earth: Broken
Light: Broken
Dark: Broken
Explosion: Broken
Ice: Broken
Lightning: Broken
Sand: Broken
Void: Broken

=> Land:

[4] Blaze Barrage - Works.

[2B] Saint Impale - Doesn't work.

-> Weapons
[1B] Energy Bullet - Works (Supposed to be Physical Only)

[3Water] Hydro Bite - Works although LV3 Skill.
[2Ice] Chill Pike - Doesn't work.

-> Class Skills
Magic Burst I - Doesn't work.
(Rest untested)


Fatal Shock I - Doesn't work.
(Rest untested)

Keen Spell I & II - Do not work.

Fire Spirit I - Blaze Pillar - Flame Shoot -Don't work.
Water Spirit I - Blast Stream - Overflow - Don't work.
Wind Spirit I - Sphere Gale - Doesn't work.
Earth Spirit I - Rock Crack - Doesn't work.
Light Spirit I - Tinkle Shoot - Holy Burst - Don't work.
Dark Spirit I - Spoil Bullet - Gloom Rain - Don't work.
Blast Spirit I - Blast Shell - Field Burst - Don't work.
Ice Spirit I - Cold Edge - Ice Break - Don't work.
Thunder Spirit I - Lightning Sphere - Spark Trap - Don't work.
Sand Spirit I - Sand Needle - Sand Sphere - Don't work.
Void Spirit I - Magic Circle - Spell Emission - Don't work.
Fire Spirit II - Magma Fall - Doesn't work.
Water Spirit II - Counter Wave - Doesn't work.
Wind Spirit II - Shock Tornado - Doesn't work.

Subtle Magic I - Doesn't work.

Invert Shock - Doesn't work.
(Finishers untested.)

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