Replacing Music

Game music is stored in *\Rolo\bgm in .ogg format.

Only Ogg Vorbis files may be used. They do not seem to have bitrate restrictions, but they must be 44100Hz. Some tracks have a short intro before the looping section begins. These are prefixed with an underscore. If this is not present the main track will play normally.

bgm00 Danatis Ruins
btl01 Maou Battles
btl03 During boss class fights
castel00 Snow Share
castel01 Castle Share
col00 Tutorial, practice arena
col01 Arena (Guild missions, Memoria missions)
crystal00 Class change missions
dun00 Handenk Graveyard
dun01 Meltse Prison (XĂ­balba Stage)
dun03 Isruam Corridors, Ayrocks Castles, Ruins Share inside
dun04 Sand Share
dun15 Danam Forest (Hell Wyvern)
dun93 Ruins Share ???
dun94 Floating Ruins of Famulk
dun95 Yutandi Temple (Relic Keeper Stage)
dun96 Gulden Ruins (Tyranosaurus Stage)
dun97 Rushuin (Densetsu, Labyrinth)
dun98 Eldeon City Ruins (Talos Stage)
dun99 Karedoan Grasslands, Gubeeg Forest, Folgia Caves, Mareild Grasslands
factory00 Fire Share
failure Mission Failed - only about 10 seconds of it plays, followed by silence at the result screen
fanfare Mission Clear - plays until returning to lobby
fwd00 Fireplace noise
himb00 Mid/High class battles
island00 Lightning Share
palace00 Temple Share
sea00 Sea noise, heard by the water in town
shop00 Your personal room, the bar, and inside shops in town
title Game title screen
town01 Port Town Senleigh
town02 Fort Rushuin
xmas00 Christmas Event
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