Attack Types

Next to each technique are icons indicating their attack type. Some techniques have multiple icons.

icon_physical.png Physical Attack

Damage dependent on physical attack power.

icon_magic.png Magic Attack

Damage dependent on magic attack power.
Some bows have Magic Attack skills. When used they will do the damage type of the ring's element.

icon_combined1.png Physical - Combined

Damage dependent on either physical attack power or (pATK + mATK)/2 * 1.1, whichever is higher. If the combined value is higher the attack will check the enemy's physical and magic defense average instead of physical only.

icon_combined2.png Combined Attack

Damage dependent on (pATK + mATK)/2 * 1.1. The enemy's physical and magic defense average is used when hit. Both racial damage and elemental bonuses are factored in.

icon_combined3.png Magic - Combined

Damage dependent on either magic attack power or (pATK + mATK)/2 * 1.1, whichever is higher. If the combined value is higher the attack will check the enemy's physical and magic defense average instead of magic only. If the magic attack is higher racial damage bonuses will not be applied.

icon_finisher.png Finisher

Damage scales with combo hits. Finishing techniques have two modifiers: a fixed value and a scaled value. The scaled value is multiplied by the square root of the combo hits and added to the fixed value to determine the strength of the attack.

icon_special.png Special Properties

Has properties unique to the weapon or magic type.

  • Daggers - Damage depends on DEX instead of STR.
  • Staves - Damage depends on INT instead of STR.
  • Katanas - Instant death at a low probability. Doesn't work on middle class and higher monsters.
  • Katanas - Counter technique. During a stance, received attacks will miss and your attack will trigger.
  • Spears - Ignore physical defense of the enemy.
  • Fire - Set the enemy on fire sometimes.
  • Light - Additional damage added based on the enemy's remaining health at a low probability.
  • Dark - Poison the enemy sometimes.
  • Dark - Instant death at a low probability. Doesn't work on middle class and higher monsters.
  • Ice - Freeze the enemy sometimes.
  • Sand - Petrify the enemy at a low probability. While petrified, if they receive another attack they will die. Doesn't work on middle class or higher monsters. Wears off if given time.
  • Lightning - Paralyze the enemy sometimes.

Race Bonus Techniques

Some skills do higher damage to a specific race.
Can be identified by their name (devil ___, beast ___, dragon ___, etc) and hit effect.

Picture Weapon Type Race
Rapier_Special.PNG Rapier Beastman / 獣人
Magenta-colored effect
Axe_Special.PNG Axe Beast / 魔獣
Orange ribbony effect
Hammer_Special.PNG Hammer Material / 物質
White hexagonal effect
Mace_Special.PNG Mace Undead / 死霊
Ghost face effect
Saver_Special.PNG Saber Demon(Majin) / 魔人
Misty shadow effect
Longsword_Special.PNG Longsword Dragon / 竜
Red effect

Skill Icons

In addition to icons displayed at the equipment screen, each technique has an icon displaying what type of attack it is while in-game.

w04.jpg Front-down Causes the enemy to slowly fall down. Once completely downed cannot be hit any further.
w01.jpg Back-down Causes the enemy to suddenly lose balance. Humanoid types will spin around before falling. During this time, if a front down attack is used, the type of down will change to front down. If another back down attack is used, they will once again start spinning, but using it again will cause them to fall over. Non-humanoid types will become slightly airborne, and cannot be juggled if they hit the ground first.
w02.jpg Stagger Will only down an enemy if used repeatedly. Provides very little hitstun, and merely changes which direction they face. Unless downed, staggered enemies are able to swiftly counterattack. Be careful while using this.
w07.jpg Faint Fainting Attacks have high chance to stun the enemies.
w03.jpg Lift Hits an enemy into the air. Once airborne, consecutive attacks will decrease how much they are able to be juggled, until the point they fall suddenly. As long as this point was not reached, they will bounce once upon landing, providing additional time to hit them before they are 'grounded'. If they land again without another lift-type attack hitting them, while one or two more attacks may connect, they will remain on the ground, and soon recover.
w05.jpg Smash Hits an enemy into the ground. Can pick up an enemy off of the ground that has once fallen, as long as they are still able to be hit (lying on the ground, but not fully down). They will rebound into the air, and any lift proration from before the smash will be reset, allowing you to juggle the enemy once more. This reset only works once per combo.
w06.jpg Knockback Blows an enemy away, making them spin as they fly through the air. Moves that knockback are known as finishers. You cannot continue your combo once you blow them away, although you may get a few more hits in before they are downed. Finishing moves always do more damage corresponding to the # of hits in the current combo (regardless of whether you did the combo, dependent on square root of combo hits). If a blown away enemy hits another enemy, they will take damage as if they received the finishing blow as well. If a different player attacks an enemy that was knocked away, they can combo and use their own finisher to throw it to yet another person. As long as someone that has already used a finisher does not attack the enemy, this can continue between all players, though it is quite difficult to pull off. If you do attack the enemy you knocked away, they will fall suddenly.
w08.jpg Special While not having any other effects (other than 6 above listed), these attacks usually have a special exclusive Aerial Version of the Skill. While some Skills would behave the same way in Air (example: Sand Share Rapier 2nd Charge), others do not (example: Copper Dagger 2nd Charge).
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