Light Armor

Light series(Lv1)

Normal sets
Cotton series(Lv2)
Fleece series(Lv7)
Quilt series(Lv12)
Feather series(Lv17)
Flannel series(Lv22)
Moon series(Lv27)
Wool series(Lv32)
Fairy series(Lv37)
Angel series(Lv42)
Sun series(Lv47)
Bulky series(Lv52)
Glorious series (Lv57)
Anathema series(Lv62)
Star series(Lv67)
Brilliant series(Lv72)
Relic series (Lv77)
Velvet series(Lv82)

Unique sets
Linen series(Lv3)
Silk Series(Lv8)
spell series(Lv13)
taffeta seriesLv18)
Gobelins series(Lv23)
Canonical series(Lv28)
Raven series(Lv33)
Bishop series(Lv38)
Sheer series(Lv43)
Pyro series(Lv48)
Earth series(Lv53)
Cardinal series(Lv58)
Unicorn series(Lv63)
scalar series(Lv68)
Decoras series(Lv73)
Grace series(Lv78)
Hell series(Lv83)
Pre-rat series(Lv88)

Special Unique sets
Lilac series(Lv5)
Shadow series(Lv15)
Pegasus Series(Lv25)
Carmine series(Lv35)
Black Series(Lv45)
Aristo series(Lv55)
Sophist series(Lv65)
Konig series(Lv75)
Prophet series(Lv85)

Shareware Unique sets
Farr series(Lv9)
Elven series (Lv19)
Temple series(Lv29)
Violet series (Lv39)
Elder series(Lv44)
Rabarendo? series (Lv49) レバレンド
Thunder series(Lv54)
Gloom Series(Lv59)
Mirage Series (Lv64)
Maven series(Lv70)
Mashifuru series(Lv74) マーシフル
Iga series(Lv80)
Cleric series(Lv80, CLC only)
Mage series(Lv80, MAG only)
Enchanter series(Lv80, ENC only)
Saint series(Lv80, SNT only)
Wizard series(Lv80, WIZ only)
Elemental series(Lv80, ELM only)
Warlock series(Lv90, WLK only)
Sorcerer series(Lv90, SOR only)
Sage series(Lv90, SAG only)
Super Luna series(Lv90, SPM only)

Special sets
Gray series(Lv1)
Regal Series(Lv50)
Kaiser series(Lv70)

Sealed sets
Rune series(Lv1)
Dusk series(Lv5)
Phantom series(Lv15)
Rota series(Lv25)
Herenosu series(Lv35) ヘレノス
Braji series(Lv45)
Shiv series (Lv55)
Shigurun series(Lv65) シグルーン
Themis series(Lv75)
Leto series(Lv85)

Special Sealed sets
Idun series(Lv10)
Ellis series(Lv30)
Clotho series(Lv40)
Koka series(Lv50)
Vizaru series(Lv60) ヴィーザル
Cassandra series(Lv70)
Series Priest(Lv80, CLC only)
Magus series(Lv80, MAG only)
Geomancy series(Lv80, ENC only)
Apostle series(Lv80, SNT only)
Goetia series(Lv80, WIZ only)
Animist series(Lv80, ELM only)
Magician series(Lv90, SOR only)
Conjurer series(Lv90, WLK only)
Cabalist series(Lv90, SPM only)
Fuma series (Lv90, NIN only)

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