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You can't, the game natively runs at 30fps. with the animations at 60

Don't question tomoshittyshibi.

Do anyone know how to set the fps to 60?
As I think most of the computers can handle that.

Do anyone know how to set the fps to 60? by Carson (guest), 29 Jul 2022 17:11

I'm just curious if anyone plays rolc anymore. Playing alone is a bit awful.

Your rolc is updated? I can login normally and i'm from europe so it's not a region block.

Hey Guys its been a while since i last posted something q.q I had some private issues and technical problems etc. so i kinda forgot rolo x'D Anyways i try to get back to the game with a friend of mine, however something is wrong with the log in. My friend and me can't log into our accounts anymore and can't create new ones. Is rolo region locked again?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for all the grammatical issues)


Hello. So i'm trying to get back to the game and recover my characters and stuff, is there any way to do that? I have no backups or anything, everything it's gone, i don't even had the old hdd where i had rolo so theres no way to recover it by any means by me.

hi guyz its good idea to transalte this great game

Hiya Koji, welcome to the community! I have taken a break from RoLo but that doesn't mean I'm not playing anymore. ^_~ I'll play it with ya when I get on next time. Until then, enjoy the game and be sure to use the info we have here if you need help with anything.

I shall be triumphant!!!

Re: The New one here! :) by TeiaTeia, 31 Jul 2013 18:04

Welcome to the club.
Yes we are active, although atm. we tend to play some different games.

RoL & RoLo get atm. a rework into RoLC, which is in kind-of Alpha-Stage right now.
That means that the progress you've made in RoLC so far won't get carried over when the full release commences.

However any progrss that you've made in current RoLo (10.26b) will be able to get carried over into the new game.

If you want to play, best if you stop by our Ts³ channel, the easiest way to find me atleast.

Re: The New one here! :) by HomingheadHominghead, 27 Jul 2013 21:41

Sorry didnt saw the thread of matthias before.

Re: The New one here! :) by AoNoTamashiAoNoTamashi, 24 Jul 2013 10:06

Hey Hey Im pretty new in here and want to introduce myself ! My Ingame name is Kojiiro-Senpai and i play rolo since yesterday.
I was a big fan of rol back at the days and as i heard that rolo is playable again I totally freaked out :D
I dont know if anyone of you guys is still active but i thought it would be nice to introduce myself to the community.
It would be cool if anyone could play some rounds with me.


The New one here! :) by AoNoTamashiAoNoTamashi, 22 Jul 2013 10:23
Neriek (guest) 30 May 2013 09:35
in discussion No Account Required / Rolo Discussion » RoL Translation(offline version)

So I got some good news and some bad news…

Bad news first because the good news is juicy.

RoLo Can't be translated with a byte-patch like I was planning and as for modifying the files themselves I doubt it'll be any different because it's such a mess.. As for RoL it'll be insanely difficult to pull off a translation either way(it's possible unlike RoLo which actually won't let files be modded or memory hacks change the addresses, but unlikely to be successful). Which means about the same as RoLo.. it's not likely anyone will be able to pull it off. The best hope for a translated version of the game would be directly from Tomoshibi, and we all know what the chances of that happening are.

The good news, actually has nothing to do with RoL or RoLo, but with my personal life. The bastard responsible for destroying my car and stealing over $1000 from me is back in jail and will never see the light of day again if I can help it(I'll be supplying all the evidence I have on him to further fuck his arse over =3). Also I'm enlisting in the army or air force, because A. The pay and benefits are awesome, and B. It's my only chance for a job and to get my life back on track.. Plus I get to play with guns. =3

I've a tonne of plans for the future but they're all a mess, one in specific is a game similar to RoL/RoLo, with the network features like Phantasy star portable 2(for those of you who haven't played it, you can use your offline gamesave online with other people). I do need to get a team together after getting more experience in Blender and decide on a programming language/game engine.

by Neriek (guest), 30 May 2013 09:35

Lmao! I'm sorry, it's a habit now xD lol.

I shall be triumphant!!!

I'll start hitting you with daggers, rapiers, longswords, sabers, katanas, axes, hammers, staffs, maces, spears, bows and all kinds of elemental rings on the head if you'll keep capitalizing the second "h" in my nickname.

I didn't have too much… but the stuff I did have was quite important x_x… uhh…. maybe 2 things were illegal? I don't remember too well lol. I know that I didn't have any personal info on there so I'm okay I think o.o…

HomingHead gave me some stuff to look at and I copied everything down. Only thing left is to actually try to learn to read it all xD

Really? Well I guess I should have assumed things would be slightly different. Ahh, that saying isn't stupid at all if ya understand what's being said. I believe in Christianity but I don't usually bring up those beliefs in conversations. It's a way of showing respect just in case some people don't believe in it. How foolish… In any case, I'm sure the online version is quite screwed. I've heard some things and I've seen some things… I just hope it isn't impossible to do stuff with, lol.

I haven't mentioned the game just yet. I just tried to contact a few ppl, giving a standard introduction of who I am and.. yeah lol. No replies and then I noticed that… some may be autobots now :(… I have noticed recently that there isn't a lot of ppl online playing RoLo but it could just be becuz of my timezone difference. And now that I remember… ppl were online more often when it was night time for me. But anyway, that's cool. Don't give up yet! There are more fun places to explore in the online version :D

Ahh sickness! Get rid of it quick! Lol hope ya feel better soon ^^

Aha! I'll check it out soon enough. Or just let me know when you start posting stuff and I'll surely stop by.

Lolz I was thinking the same thing. >.>… I ended up finding out the day I was going to play it with somebody… totally sucked. Then I found the RoLO but they didn't want to play >.<…

I shall be triumphant!!!

Lol I lost so much when megaupload went down.. Some of it may have been SLIGHTLY illegal, but well that doesn't really matter now.. unless the files are being kept on ice in which case I hope to GOD I didn't put any personal details in my account lol.

Kanji… If I remember correctly there's over 2000 symbols in that language, which means learning it to a good amount would take little over a year… a lot more for fluently. So good luck, xD.

Memory editing(Cheat engine, tsearch, etc) doesn't seem to work on Rolo AS WELL(har har) as it does on Rol, as in, I can go godmode offline, but the online version doesn't seem to let me. Now that doesn't mean I can't do anything, like that stupid saying "when god closes a door he opens a window" (IMO all Christian's are Hypocritical morons that can't even have a normal conversation without bringing up "the almighty" in some way… /end mini-rant).
This means the online version will likely have some flaws of its own that may make it easier/harder to make a patch, and maybe even increase possibility of it working properly.. anyway.

People prolly aren't coming by because the game, being so old and all, is kinda dying. I dunno if I'll ever stick with it long enough to finish this but, after I get things going with the patcher I'll release all my source files too for anyone wanting to continue it. Although I'm not gonna stop anytime soon anyways.

Gotten a little side-tracked after finding The Invisible Man tv series last night too after looking for a way to watch it again.. But since I'm also feeling sick as hell right now, I don't feel guilty about watching it and putting the project to one side till I feel better =3

h t t p : / / - I apparently already had a blogspot account… If anyone wants access to post on it just gimme a shout and I'll set it up, all help is appreciated. I haven't made any posts yet, but when I feel better I'll get back into it. Still can't post links too..

Random sidenote: really wish the co-op feature in the offline version was LAN, or peer2peer.. would be much better imo.

Oh my… Well I hope ur way works.

That's actually a great idea… how come I didn't think of that? xD not like I would be able to do it anyway… I really should have stuck with learning but meh.

:D would be great if both of them could work on it! Makes it a bit easier than just one person ^_^. (Uhh I was suppose to be learning how to read kanji earlier but school prevents me… so since this semester of school is almost over, I may get back into it)

Aww well it was worth a try I suppose(I had to go and look up what TexMod was lol).

Oh? Well I suppose that would be fine. I still have the blog faved somewhere that tells you where you need to go and what you need to do. A translation for the game would be cool but I already have what I need to complete the offline version lol. SkyDrive is awesome!(not becuz I use it but becuz I also go by "Sky" in other places lol). That's great but.. as I was once a user of megaupload, it would be a great idea to have backups for a backup… I learned the hard way :(…

I thought I would update a little something too. Uh.. it isn't much but I tried to recruit some older players of the offline/online game to come here and help out. It's not going as I had planned. These older players no longer respond to anything >.<… Hummm… not sure where else I could look but I'll keep on trying I guess.

But alrighty, I hope you find what ya need :D

I shall be triumphant!!!

I have a way of creating a patch, I'll simply use cheat engine, or if I can't do that, I'll throw something together with C++, the issue is the pointers being half static and half dynamic(which shouldn't even be possible..) I've been meaning to work on it but I had to do a bit of gardening.

I've got to actually find the permanent/static addresses/pointers to each string before any change will actually work each time the game is run. As I type this I just remembered another method Hominghead and I went over, by writing up a little program that actually searches for addresses with the same string like " フリー " and it would then change everything it found to be the same to "Free". Although chances are that would make the game itself pretty unstable and cause it to crash every couple of minutes.. Although I am considering this as a last resort. Can maybe "fine-tune" it if necessary, ANYWAY.

Once I get it all together(hopefully) I'll see if HH or Gavodir want to do the translating and send me those and I'll just toss them into the patcher.

Just tried to run TexMod with RoL earlier too out of curiosity(totally unrelated to the language) and that didn't even work in the slightest lol.

Also I've been toying with the idea of dropping the offline translation and just going straight to the online game, we'll see what happens.. Might also start up a SkyDrive or something to upload the files to for backup and whatnot, and see if I can find a quick'n'easy blog site to update my progress and all.

That's all I can think of mentioning for now, I'mma head back into messing with the debugger and see what I can break in the game lol.

Oh o.O… What might that have been? Still no known way of creating the patch?

I shall be triumphant!!!

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